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I’ve tried to search here but with no success. My question is very simple: If I have three defense riders each one in one perch, the debuff time construction are cumulative or the biggest time debuff is the valid one?
Is worth having those three perches to decrease the time of the constructions? Like 1 perch leveling and the others 2 level 1 only to put the rider on it?

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Only the highest time debuff counts. While most active tower buffs work for the territory the perch is placed on, construction time is applied to the whole base. If you don’t have a micro base, it makes sense for example have one rider for def/atk on kill island, and rider with highest debuff on the other perch so it’d overwrite the lower number. On the other hand if your base is short, that second perch can be a rage anchor for enemies.



It’s only the highest one. So the Atlas defensive rider would be the one that gives you the biggest buff (assuming you did the skill tree correctly).



If you have the riders stationed at the perches you get the same view.

Tapping the “i” next to the grey (inactive) buff will give you the message telling which rider’s buff is active instead.

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