Defensive Shield and Attack Boost

Do defensive shield stack when defending. I’ve always been told they don’t so there is no point of spamming defence shields. Someone else claims they do. I can’t find a definitive answer.

No they don’t. It refreshes the duration.


That’s what I thought. Is there a confirmation of the duration?

Last time I checked I think it was around 12 seconds.


Radius for all of them is 22 which is slightly smaller than red mage aura (25) and they take 2s until the effect starts to apply (after you drop them on the base)
Duration for attack and “armor boost” is 12s
HP boost is 25% Looks like its 25% damage reduction, not +25% HP
Attack boost is 55%
Heal is 45%


This is why sometimes it’s useless to try and heal as some peoples dragon attack can kill a tower in well under 2s. They kill faster than you can heal.

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I‘m quite certain the defender shields make towers take 25% less damage from dragons and not boost their hp.

Earth flak/orrery supershot on the other hand does boost tower hp by 30% of shield tower‘s hp (+invincibility shield for 1.5s)

Ice turret/mythic warrior perch shield are hp based shields that break after you‘ve dealt a certain amount of damage to them (perch shield hp: 25% of shielded tower‘s hp | ice turret shield hp: 32% of ice turret‘s hp). Only once the shield is destroyed, you can start damaging the protected tower itself


In the first picture, defender shields are up and Jaalkan‘s ammo deals 289m damage. In the second picture, shields are down and one ammo deals 385m damage.
Towers taking 25% less damage is the same thing as the dragon dealing less damage which is what we‘re seeing here. 385m (100% of damage) is reduced by 25% so what‘s left is 289m damage (75% of damage)

This also applies to dragon spells, not just breath damage, which is why some oneshot spells with weak % increase values don‘t always kill towers on defended vs undefended bases


I have to admit, I didnt ever test this. The files call it “armor boost” but I wasnt aware that such a mechanic exists in WD and there isnt anything else that provides it (at least that none that I found)
I find it a bit irritating that warrior bubble uses the same visual with a different mechanic though

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