Definition of E2P?

My view of e2p is just regular main game elite.

What is everyone else’s definition?

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It’s inclusive of either main game elite and/or atlas elite for me.


Does it say elite? Is that all you buy? Then you’re E2P, doesnt matter which ones you’re getting

Yes can buy either main game or atlas elite and be consider e2p, you are still spending but you don’t buy any other kind of pack besides elite.


As someone who only buys basic elite. I would consider E2P to be anyone who buys basic elite, atlas elite, or both


Being around since before Atlas, I typically think of E2P as only being for Main Game Elite. I could be wrong, and just thinking too simply. Buying Atlas Elite every month could really add up for some players, and be considered a big expense, which is quite a bit more on top of the Main Game Elite cost. Some may only occasionally purchase Atlas Elite, based upon Team and/or Individual needs or goals at the time. Buying Atlas Elite every month, over a 12-month period, costs quite a bit more than an annual purchase of the basic Main Game Elite so I don’t really consider combining them to be simply E2P.

I guess that we could look at it this way:

E2P = Main Game Elite
E2P+AE = Main Game Elite, plus usually always buys Atlas Elite
E2P+/-AE = Main Game Elite, and only occasionally buys Atlas Elite.

Again, I could be wrong in the way that I see it, but someone that purchases both Main Game Elite AND Atlas Elite throughout the year is spending considerably more than what I personally consider a standard, “low-budget”, E2P player.

That’s just my thoughts… Cheers! :grin::+1::beer:


Seems like a needlessly fine-grained distinction to me. Might as well add E2PB1PLYNEFTW for people who are e2p but Bought 1 Pack Last Year and had No Elite For Two Weeks that one time.

What would the purpose be for all these categories?


Lol @Morreion Nice! :rofl::joy:

I merely provided my lengthy response to the question in the title of this thread. I guess it’s true… “Inquiring minds want to know…” :joy::+1:

Well as a E2PB1PLYNEFTW player I thought it was important I had some representation too :grin:


@moderators Now that we have added the “E2PB1PLYNEFTW” community to this discussion, I’m not sure how much more we can add here to properly solidify an answer for the OP.

As always, clean up at your discretion.

My apologies to @Morreion for my negligence regarding the exclusion. :joy::+1::beer:


In before

I don’t see why this should be closed. This is why new people don’t come back to the forums.

Someone comes on and asks an innocent question about an acronym and gets some sarcastic, rude, and few helpful answers. Then, before they can comment again someone asks for their thread to get closed… just unneeded hostility these days. Relax.

On topic: I think any elite’s can be classified as E2P. Just means you don’t buy packs IMO.


Moving to off topic for more of a relaxed convo :sunglasses:

Lol what about us that can pay for elite with rubies :joy::man_shrugging:t3:

R2P! A new acronym

Edit: sorry not ACORNym :unamused: darn typos

That’s nuts!

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Ripped(off) 2 play?

No, this is nuts.

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We’re F2P rubies elite (F2PRE :thinking:) unless AE then E2P?


I think we have 2 F2P right now…
Guess I’m Freebies 2 play (F2P but got some gifts from CF’s as well as some others)


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