Delay in base reflecting changes


I rearranged my base over 12 hours ago, and the changes STILL aren’t reflected in the server. People are still attacking my old layout.

How long does it take for these changes to kick in? I can understand a few minutes, or even maybe a half-hour, but 12+ hours seems a little ridiculous.


take a tower out of storage and then put it back into storage. For some reason that will often fix it.

Base not reflecting user building upgrades and other user changes

I can confirm what @MikesGoN2GetU says works. Instant update by storeing/unstoring a tower or unstoring/storing.


Off topic, best userid EVER



Thanks! My teammates call me “The Invalid” Wait, are they insulting me? :thinking:


And another thing that helps updating your changes is to change your avatar portrait there and back. For some reason helps also :roll_eyes:


I’d never heard of that force updating the base layout. May have to give that a try some time to see if it works for me. (Not that I rearrange my base all that often).


That worked Mike, and thanks to all for the insights. Maybe one day it will work like it’s supposed to and we won’t have to keep coming up with these work-arounds. (Hey, a guy can dream…)


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