Delete Kingdread

Isn’t it time to get the “symbol of dreadnought” removed from his throne on that upcoming island when the pvp event starts?
They are gone for good (or not :rofl:) and I guess there would be more fancy creatures possible to rise up.
For example one of the new dragons, PG’s employee of the month or a character of the last team that won the last pvp with the highest score?

And for me history like whoever is Lincoln don’t count much, it’s the now and the future that counts. It’s a game and therefore I would say it’s not necessary what had been a while ago going on here, it’s necessary what is going on now and in the future of this game.

Last it was only a suggestion to might have to get to see another face there on the island lol.


Or phweemp :rofl:


For real. We need this to be a seasonal thing! Top team with highest score throughout the season gets to be on the throne.

Make us proud PG! New ideas, new season, new faces out there to see; don’t give me wrong I like the dread statue but it’s getting old lol.


Right, the King is dead so let’s forget about him, even if he maybe paid a fortune into this game lol.

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Umm, clearly Chunk should be on the event island, standing up blowing bubbles

Or how about an axi and chunk statues blowing bubbles at each other


No I like I hope it stays it dreadnought the first rulers of the game :muscle:.


It’s never been @KINGDREADIV but the symbol of dreadnought!

You should know the story of that statue before writing a post about it or at least write it differently. :man_facepalming:


Time to make new stories. Move on. I mean it in a good way for the sake of this game’s future and community.


Good to see you your majesty

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Let me ask you…. Did you ever forgot about Abraham Lincoln or anybody who made history. I don’t think so :sunglasses:


Long live DreadNought


I mean yes it would be a nice change of pace to see maybe like a seasonal dragon or something there. But in all honesty, does it truly matter? Is it causing harm to you by being there?

To answer my own 2 questions, no. It doesnt truly matter. And its not causing you harm because you know why? Its a, say it with me now everyone, GAME! Its not real! So having it there isnt hurting you! Its not threatening your life or your safety.

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Removing history from the game is as good as deleting the game itself.

NO to the deletion of The King Dread statue, but YES to alternating it with other top teams and/or players.

Not really keen on seeing dragons there as that’s what your perches (and home island) are for.