Delete -----LFT-225-AshesofDread-Sapphire/Atlas


Looking for Atlas Team

I have Destroyer and Rusher

Language: Eng
Time Zone: CST
Played time: 2yrs
Age Range: 41
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnets
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnets


We are a plat4 team with Atlas looking to move up.
Feel free to apply to Knightsofdeath
Otherwise good luck on your search.

Check out TheWendol.
Must be super active in everything.
Slackers are not tolerated.
Apply, or write leader or officer.

Hey. The Unf0rgiven is a Sapphire 3 team with Atlas. We have multiple accounts with Harbinger dragons, Diamond 1 leadership, good alliances.

We have one spot open. Feel free to contact me in game, we would loev to have you:)

Check out YinYanWarriors. We should be back in Sapph3 this coming week. We know how to have a good time and still get crap done.

We are sapphire 3 and will be moving back up to saph2 we have atlas with 2 castles and a great alliance !! Message me if you want to join !!