Deleting ing tickets instead of fixing

Out of the last 5 tickets i put in, only one was solved properly.
3 of the tickets where simply deleted(2even without an answer) and the last 2 where closed with a statement about last pvp-event, even tho these 2 tickets where about atlas…
Is this the new standard on how to treat your customers???
FYI my credit card suffers a heavy cool down period due to that ignorance

@Naughtyx - Jared will want some ticket numbers if you have them

Using the portal instead of accessing it in-game is much better :smiley:. You can see the actual status on there, such as when they just close it instead of reply. (+what UnseatedDonky wrote)


Generally speaking no one can delete a ticket other than an admin. I’d be happy to investigate though if you can toss me some ticket numbers.

Tickets are
1109975 and

@PGJared ticket numbers above ^


before anything else, all of those tickets have different issues or you are just spamming tickets with the same issue?

because from what I know on CS process on other games, they merge tickets if their support channel (zendesk for example) can do that. They only do this if a player sending the ticket keeps on sending the same issue multiple times without waiting for a response.

1099511 – Not deleted. Merged into 1103403 as it’s about the same issue.
1103403 – Not deleted. Was solved and closed. Negative CSAT
1107126 – Not deleted. Merged into 1103403 as it’s about the same issue.
1107340 – Not deleted. Merged into 1103403 as it’s about the same issue.
1109975 – Not deleted. Resolved and closed. Positive CSAT
1110100 – Not deleted. Resolved and closed. Positive CSAT

So, exactly zero of those tickets have been deleted. 3 of your tickets were merged into a 4th because it’s pointless to have 4 open tickets at the same time from the same person about the same issue.

Winner winner chicken dinner.


First of all i dont know What csat means.
I you would actually read the tickets, you would see that they say absolutely Nothing about being merged.
I opened a ticket, that wasnt solved. Last reply was (in short) open a new ticket.
After that 2 more tickets vanished, so ofc i asume the where deleted. It would have been a Nice and helpfull gesture to met me know the tickets where merged.
The 2 other tickets where about another issue, but where closed with an answer about something else.

csat = Customer Satisfaction Score

googled it for you since I forgot that term also.

Yeah I read the tickets. I especially read the part that says “This request was closed and merged into request #1103403 “App Ticket”.”

Which ticket was that?

Sure, I agree the messaging to you about the merge could have been better. That said, they still weren’t deleted and the discussion continued in the merged ticket. It’s not like anything was abandoned.

No, I read all of your merged tickets. They were all about the same thing.

I give up. Appearantly i am unable to Express myself in a way you understand. Seeing you charge 50% extra for packs in my country, Your should consider having support in more languages.
I recieved No message, Thats the issue i reported, was being processed.
The ticket i first opened, was the one with the reply, that i should open a new ticket. It’s not that’s funny to open a ticket. One should be enough…
A total of 3 tickets disappeared. I don’t know what happens. They just vanished. So off course I assume they were deleted.
The last 2 tickets with the wrong answer is we’re not about the event-bug. They were about atlas, Burbank they were close but with a remark about event.
Maybe you should take a closer look at it.
All said and done, I am not at all happy with the way this was handled. Cust Satisfaction should be a priority, which it certainly doesn’t seem to be.

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