Deleting the app from ios to Start a new game

Anyone have an idea how to delete the app to start a new game? My game automatically reloads after I reinstall the app. Does that have something to do with off loading the app or is it linked to my Apple ID?

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Settings -> Account -> Log Out


You can also reset your whole device. Or throw your phone at the wall as well.


Lol so it is linked to the Apple ID?

Logout on device settings?

There is no way to log in or out with an apple ID in my game.

you need a second Apple i.d to download a fresh new game

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Ok but if I can’t logout from in game is there a way to start a new game without having to logout in game? Lol android is easy it just starts a new game once the data is removed in my files.

This is 100% incorrect. I literally just signed out and started a new game.

Thanks buddy

I have one Apple ID and two accounts on my two iPads. So you don’t need a second Apple ID.

Ok guys I’m talking about a situation in which you cannot log into the game to even log out.

Why not? What does the error message say?

I don’t actually have an error message, I was just curious about why my data automatically syncs after the app is reinstalled. Other iOS users do not have the same problem.

Unless you factory reset, this is how it works. The only reason you would not be able to access the account to log out would be if you were banned from the game in iOS.

Try doing a factory restore if you are that concerned.

All iOS user have that happen. It’s not a problem. It remembers your game info. It’s supposed to do that.

Thanks for the info guys, so it’s actully a good thing lol, I was just curious about it since I also play on Android. Happy hunting mates :v:t3:

my mistake i thought they wanted to link it to another apple i.d