Den bred > divine ... at what tier?

I just got into sapphire dragons and Sekhem is a nice hunter that can take a beating. A nice change from the previous hunters. This makes me wonder, at what color tier do the den bred dragons become better than divine dragons?

That’s weird, I always though sekhem to be a glass cannon. And as to your question, only at certain stages, like at 84, whale has the opportunity to have a higher AP than the divines at that level. Also when you only have one of a tier, if you level the lineage dragon up, it will have higher AP than your capped divines (which need 2 dragons of a tier to max that tier).


My question was not in regards to attack power. I am wondering at what tier would one consider a den bred dragon better than a divine dragon.

Before getting 84, Amarok had a better AP than Skarr. Since then I got several other Divine Dragons and actually neglected lineage Dragon past Breeding level… I can’t say :grin: Maybe it will happen when I really hit the Sapphire Wall…

What is the Sapphire Wall?

Ah, then hauheset. And ferga. And then noc. That’s about it.
Frost gets an honorable mention, but if flaks still weren’t around, then he’d be right up there.

Sapphire wall is the phrase used to describe the incredibly slow progression once you hit sapphire dragons. Previously, you could get 2-3 dragons for 64k (plat tier). Now you’re spending 125k tokens for 1 dragon. And odds are, that dragon isn’t even that good. Oh and while you’re scrounging for those 125k tokens, don’t forget to save up for the 200k mythics. Thus, this literal halt in breeding is referred to as running into the sapphire wall.


Unobtanium tier(aka forever next tier). Because when each season divines are released, if another tier was released just before/going to be released one of them at least gain a new tier stone.

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Depends on the lineage dragon and the Divine.

Divine dragons are called divine for a reason. They are supposed to be better than the lineage dragons. Now granted some divines come out with a spell set that isnt really great or or a fit to your personal play style, but in terms of overall ap they will always appear stronger than lineage dragons.

Capped lineage dragons seem to be close to my divines at my level (47). At least lvl 10 Ettin is pretty much matching my divine dragons, and he’s still two levels from den cap. Hugin seems to keep up with Leos pretty well too. But the divines have about 6 levels more xp on them so they race ahead again as soon as my den upgrades.

Divines will most often be stronger, though I think that remember a point in sapphire when the lineage dragons were actually stronger (breeding right as base level allowed vs catching up). Anyway, each lineage tier starting in gold starts to have at least a standout or two, where you may consider using it over divine dragons. It’ll also vary depending upon if it’s bred early on in the tier or a backbreed (cheaper breeds from breeding higher tier dragons, likely no longer useful).

Examples from my own experience, though I think I was in Sapphire when Flaks released…:

  • Gold, Whalegnawer: Steal Essence, Cloak, Lightning Resist, Sacrifice - overall good combo of skills, and steal essence is versatile
  • Platinum, Rizar: Galvanic Overload, Steal Essence, Cloak , Cannon Resist - again, overall good combo, and galvanic made it easier to finish off buildings/rss buildings
    • I stopped using Aster for the most part after getting Rizar.
  • Platinum, Kelvin: Frozen Tomb, Reverse Projectiles, Spell Flux, Ice Turret Resist - spell flux to take out red mage, freeze with tomb, though I primarily used it to trade xp runs
  • Sapphire, Sekhem: As you mentioned, versatile and useful, though lacks cloak
  • Sapphire, Hauheset: Borrowed Time, Desiccating Sand, Crumble to Dust, Time Shift - extremely useful for setting up bases, even at far higher levels, though Necryx competes with it now due to elemental-heavy bases + free (no rage cost) cloak function with Time Shift
  • Garnet, Frostbiter: Crystalline Shield, Crumble to Dust, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist - I mostly use this when paired with Hauheset for the second Crumble to Dust/finish off buildings, though it has good lead potential as well.

Other ones:

  • Sapphire, Iteru: I’ll use to clear out rss buildings or messier cleanup at low rage due to umbral spike but rarely
  • Some people were fans of Quetz in Platinum and Scorchil in Sapphire; both are warriors, though I didn’t use them much personally. I’ll be using Mehaten in Sapphire (backbred) and Avalanche in Garnet for lazy Invader base runs.
  • I haven’t gotten past that yet, but later highlights that show up often are Aquileas & Austeros (Garnet), Deci, Ferga (both Emerald), and Noctua (Obsidian). Less frequently mentioned are Icicle (Garnet), Stormheim, Xenot, Nier (all Emerald), and Rhyo (Obsidian).

Don’t forget about Mafic Forci.

He’s harder to fly than Nec or Noc but tons of fun when the base has some lightning towers to chill.

For me the best sapphire/garnet/emerald Divine will always be Borgian for those who got him.

He’s a terminator.

Nec is extremely good for setting up high level bases I did that since my Nec was plat however I like Noc, Rhyo and Mafic more.

Aster and A&A is also a superb combo.

Avyx has also tons of potential in the lower tiers. Yet till emerald I’d still prefer Borgian.

The sorcerers and warriors never appealed me much. Fae was good, phasmos was a god, rest meh.


I’m thinking at some point, the incremental edge that a divine gives you isn’t enough to warrant the effort.

Yep, outside of the ones mentioned above or if you take a liking to a particular one, just get the ones you need to breedable and then inactivate them.

The only dragon I didn’t see mentioned that I think is better than divines in their same respective tier is Apophet.

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Ettin is a phenomenal dragon at your level, and the first hunter you should really lean on. This is true even if you have a Divine like Necryx, that will not even unlock Elemental Barrier until base level 70. If you were lucky/smart enough to get Grogg switch him from Necryx to Ettin and you may not want to fly anything else for twenty levels.

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Unfortunately the old season interface was so bad I never even realised Grogg and Necryx existed before the season was over, but as a beginning player I’d never would’ve gotten them at a decent level anyway.
Agree on Ettin though, very happy with him and can see him still hanging around with a bunch of gold dragons later.

Here is my capped Leos and Amarok (I am lvl 38). Their power difference alone I think would make me go fly Amarok than leos :sweat_smile:

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@crankypants what level is your Ettin?