Desiccating Sand Question

Does desiccating sand stop a mage from blocking spells? For ex., if you sand a red mage, can you then cast fireball/earthquake/etc or does sand only stop the mage from firing?

Yes. And you can use cloak, etc, if you block blue mage. Jyst try :slight_smile:

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Yes but as soon as you cast earthquake etc on the sanded red mage you will reactivate its blocking power.


Ahh interesting, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thank you. I don’t have any dragons with DS yet (i missed out bigtime on nec…) but I just wanted this knowledge for the future :+1:

And, yes, as mentioned above, any damage cancels that effect. So deal with other towers first, before you return back to mages.

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Also if you use sand on a tower that’s already sanded there’s a small window between the tower taking damage and getting sanded again where the tower can potentially hit you


Oh, interesting. I really didn’t know that lol, thank you :grin:

Any damage? Even a regular tap will reactivate the blocking? Is this the same for other towers?

Yes even normal attack or damage from spells like explosive shield or thunderstorm will unsand a tower. Any sort of area damage is very bad when a base is sanded since it’s likely to undo all your hard work. Don’t touch a sanded tower unless you’re ready to kill it

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Oh boy okay, understood. Thank you again :smile:
One more thing: Is there a difference between DS and Lockdown? They’re feelin’ like really similar spells

Sand is basically an upgraded lockdown that’s white and does damage

Cool, thank you very much :grin:

Taking advantage of this post, when sanded a flak is it supposed to fire between sandings? It ruined deep my hau

Like you sanded it, sanded it again and then the tower hit you? Or you sanded it once and still hit you? Both can happen

Nah, i hit a sanded flak with sand and got hit in-between 🤷

If I hit mage tower with DS before its mage SS hit, will the SS hit me? Since Tectonic Tomb stopped the projectile from hitting me (blue mage).

Tectonic tomb is just another name for freeze, and freeze will stop all shots (SS or regular) from hitting you (they will in fact stop mid air).

Sand however only stop the tower from further attacks, so any SS in “production” will still launch and hit you (blue, red or any regular tower).

And as said above, double sanding will leave a tiny window in between each sand for the tower to start any action (including SS, which as stated just above, can still hit you).

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If something is mid animation like fire turrets or something like that then the shot counts as in progress and will go through. Ds stops future hits only

This is what not to do with dessicating sands