Desiccating Sand Spell

I think it’s time for the “fixers” to take a look at the Dessicating Sand Spell now that such an amazing, important dragon (Necryx) has it as a main spell.

It has been partly broken and listed as a “known issue” since it came out, and hindered the performance of Hauheset greatly (although he’s still a great dragon). And it would be a terrific spell if it worked more reliably.

It’s first issue is that it doesn’t always “land”. I’ve had support tickets assuring me that it’s just a visual glitch, that the Sand is actually there, it’s just invisible. First of all, even if this were true, it remains a big problem. You need to be able to see which towers you’ve sanded, and so does the attacker behind you, or else you risk blasting it off. But it is in fact not just a visual glitch: you can clearly see the “missed” towers continue to fire, and your dragon continues to take damage from sanded towers. Sometimes they even continue to fire after being sanded a second time.

The second issue with the spell is that it interrupts the dragon’s ability to fire. Once I apply it, I have to tap the screen twice to resume fire. The tap immediately following use of the spell is “empty”. And this has been true of every dragon I’ve used that has the spell — Hauheset, Sekhem and Necryx. Lockdown is a similar spell, and never had this issue. As soon as you tossed a net over a tower, you could immediately blast away at another tower as soon as you touched the screen again. Why is Sandstorm different?


From what I gather normal shots resume as soon as the sand lands. Therefore it is more apparent when sanding towers far away. Try it and see.

I agree once fired normal shots should resume. PG please fix this! @pgEcho


Can’t say I’ve really had either of those happen…if they could make it lock towers immediately like vines tho, that’d be great :eyes:.

I’ve had issues where I’ve sanded an ice turret with Sekhem but the turret kept on fireing. I’ve noticed that I run into the issue of the sand not working properly a lot more on ice turrets than other kinds of towers for whatever reason.


As I know the beam attack is long and it like a very long projectile, once the tower attack and already hit you it will keep continue till when the end if that beam all out I think it is how the tower with beam attack supposed to work. No matter you disable or cloak your dragon will take whole of that beam, even you already destroy the tower but the beam fire out before , that beam still keep going.
About sometime sand not work simply because you miss, the shot must hit tower, if it hit the ground or sea or statue but not tower… the spell will reset, it mostly happened when you fire too soon while your dragon is turning from island to island.

Good point lion. The tower that’s sanded still continues its attack sequence if it has already started. Eg fire turret if sanded during its wind up sequence or cloak for that matter will still fire off as sequence already started. May be a coding error or deliberate. Either way just be aware and fly accordingly. Eg I only cloak when the projectile is in the air to make sure it works properly.

The dessicating spell has a slight cool down, that’s why you can’t attack something for about a second or so after casting the spell

The cooldown on the sand seems to have to do with it being a spell that is not used up when cast on the environment. In order to see if it hits a tower it has to wait til it lands to know if it needs to become DS again or back to regular fire.

I also find this frustrating and would like to see it fixed.

It not working on some towers is also very annoying. I agree it’s mostly on ice turrets. One time I noticed that I kept taking damage on my dragon when Ice turret that I sanded (and had the visual) was the only thing standing.


One could argue that the cooldown also has balance reasons, otherwise an attacker could eventually shoot 4-5 sands on 5+ towers (eventually double sanding some of them) before being hit by the mage shots flying at him on a defended base.
I’m not saying I’m totally against a change as I love that skill, but the skill is white and very powerful so cooldown changes need to be thought through.


Necryx is pretty hard to down as is for most higher level bases even with defenders he sets bases very nicely. I don’t really think a buff to sand is desperately needed.

It would be nice if they could fix the times where sand lands and nothing happens, or towers happily continue firing (especially mages)


I’m 97 and running 180+ bases with necryx so I agree it doesn’t need to be more OP. Fixing any issues where sand doesn’t work as it should would be great tho!

Another issue i might add is the dependency on whether you have fired a fireball or not before casting. If you have a fireball(from a hunter) in the air at the same time you cast sand then sand will only do as much damage as you normal fireball instead of the intended (larger) damage. This is incredibly annoying when fly as you have to wait for you fireballs to hit and THEN cast sand. If you don’t wait for the regular attacks to land then sand is just a white lockdown… If you don’t believe me, test it. I find it to be most annoying on farms.


Doesn’t fireball have a higher base damage than sand?

I mean the firebolt attacks from hunters. The fire that comes out when you tap for its regular attack.

I agree with this.

If sand had zero cooldown it has the potential to be too powerful a spell (considering white and can get many many shots off. I far prefer the current cooldown even instead of a set duration because it gives you greater incentive to hit towers closer to you and deters people from hitting towers further away because of the longer cooldown. I have found that this brings a lot of balance to the game in that you NEED to soak damage while setting all of these sandings or find another way to mitigate it.

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Ahhh! I was wondering why sand seemed to have less damage at times, thanks for pointing that out!

FWIW I have this exact issue with lockdown, not that that is really relevant to most players and I don’t plan on using Karna very much, but it happens to me all the time with lockdown exactly how you described with the sand.

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Most here agree that it’s a great spell that needs to be examined to make sure it’s more reliable. I never asked for it to be more overpowered — just to do what it’s already supposed to do, all the time. I’d be very happy with that.


I’ve been running Necryx also and been noticing that after I sand fire turrets and they complete the fireball they are were in process, they continue with another one. I understand that it will complete the current fireball it was in process with, but then it should deactivate. I understand this post has some age to it, but I was wondering if there’s been any news?

I have sanded some towers up to three times and had them continue to fire, particularly mages, and I’ve tested it on two accounts on two different devices on the same base with similar results. It’s not a visual glitch — I’ve been directly over a target where I can see turrets continuing to wind up AFTER they’ve been sanded and fired their “last” shot, just as you said. And even if/when the glitch is merely a visual one, it’s still problematic. This is a video game: the visual is really all you have to work with. If you can’t see whether or not a tower has been effectively sanded due to the sand being invisible, you end up wasting unnecessary rage or getting hit by a tower that you thought was taken care of. And when you re-sand an already-sanded tower, it reactivates it again just long enough to fire off, say, another mage ball. I love the spell — I just wish it did what it says on the tin 100% of the time.