Design your own spellset of a divine mythic dragon that you think GREAT, but not too OP?

just killing time. :sweat_smile:

here goes mine.

(yes, natrually) a mythic hunter with

soul siphon (blue, 0 rage, 4 sec dur, 3 sec cd)

blood mist (blue, 0 rage, 2 sec dur, 4 sec +dmg dur, 1 sec cd)

snowdrift (white, 1 rage, no cd, taoe size 3.3) or desiccating sand (white, 1 rage, no cd, taoe size 3)

red enfeeble with higher rage cost (red, 2 rage, 1 sec cd, taoe size 7) or crumble to dust (red, 2 rage, taoe size 18)


Delete the game button-1 sec usage time :infinity: reward


OP - Gains invincibility for the rest of the battle, debuffs all tower damage by 99% and activates the 2nd spell in the cycle

(The second spell) Kelvin spell flux - summons the remains of monstersdesert and nukes the entire base.

The End.


The Admin can’t pan me - summons a frying pan that absorbs 100% damage and deals 200000% modified HP.

The End. (For realz this time)


Hehehehe I call mine way too many buttons

Mythic Hunter (ofc what else can you expect from me)

  • FIRST SPELL—Double sided spell
    First side (1a): 1 rage, white. Damage target area for 2500% of atk power, 3.3 range.
    Second side (1b): 2 rage, blue. Cloak for 4 seconds. Dragon can cast spells and attack during this period and has 150% rage generation. When a tower is destroyed during this cloak, dragon regains 5% health. 7 second cool down.

  • SECOND SPELL—Double sided spell
    First side (2a): 1 rage, white. Cloak for 2 seconds and regain 70% ammo. Dragon can cast the third spell while cloaked.
    Second side (2b): 0 rage, white. Dragon loses 5% health and gains 1.5 rage. 4 second cooldown.

  • THIRD SPELL—Double sided spell
    First side (3a): 1 rage white. Disable target tower for 6 seconds or until it takes damage.
    Second side (3b): 0 rage, red. Deal damage to target tower equal to 100% of dragon’s attack power. If the dragon is cloaked, instead the damage is equal to 500% of Dragon ATK power times the number of towers that have been destroyed during the cloak, and then the dragon regain 0.3 rage for each tower destroyed during the cloak. 3 second cool down. If the dragon is cloaked this spell instead has no cool down (but because you have cast 3a before 3b, it acts like a 0.5-1 second cooldown while the disable spell is in midair).

    2 rage, blue. Freeze all midair attacks (like Gryff’s windgust) and gain a 50% resist to beam towers for 4 seconds… Consume all dragon ammo and regain 3% of max health and 0.4 rage for each ammo consumed. Freeze 2 towers at random for 2 seconds (prioritizes Howis, Orreys, and Ice Flaks). Dragon gains 250% ammo regen for 2 seconds. 9 second cool down.

And then the runes increase the duration of 1b (the 2 rage blue cloak that you can cast spells and attack during).

Basic flight strategy against a standard long island:
Use 1a to blow up a mage and one other tower. Use 2a immediately to avoid supershots from triggering. Use 3a to lock down the other mage while the 2a cloak is active. Then activate 1b. While that cloak is active, activate 2b to regain rage and 3b+ammo to destroy a tower. Continue to cycle 3a & 3b as much as you can while 1b is still active (total of probably 4 cycles). As you come out of 1b cloak use 2a and 3a again to lock down any final towers. Use the 4th spell to survive remaining towers as the come out of the 6 second lockdown from 3a.


Post must be 15…

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I don’t care what it does. I just want it to be a taco with hot sauce for breath.


Introducing…the Taco dragon. Copyright issues most definitely apply but hey, it’s a taco dragon. :rofl:


I LOVE IT :sob::heart: I need it.


What are the spells?

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Hot sauce explosion
Crunchy shell
Taco supreme

But I have no idea what they do yet :rofl:


Hot Sauce Explosion splatters hot sauce all over the base, disabling the towers—and even all over the defender’s screen, preventing them from being able to defend properly.

Crunchy Shell will automatically damage all towers in a target area, and by target area, I mean an entire two-island range. This will depend on the dragon’s HP.

Taco Supreme will be a passive summon burrito dragon that takes all of the damage and amplifies the power of Crunchy Shell by 1000000x.

That seems pretty balanced to me!

Edit: /s


Spells for the adorably cute taco dragon
Crunchy shell: is an invincibility shield that absorbs damage and explodes applying rage marks and de buffs towers.

Hot sauce explosion is a cycled spell
One debuffs towers making them take increased damage, and the other one makes a huge explosion that regenerates 1 rage bar per tower destroyed.

Taco supreme is another cycled spell that cycles beetween a lockdown spell called lettuce cage, a breath empowerment called spicy breath, and the taco warrior with summons a hoard of mini taco dragons that fly at random towers making them take damage

And it’s resist is adaptive immunity.
100% not op at all lol


Here is my dragon!

Ostrata, the wild drake

Ostrata live in the densest of jungles in Atlas, where sunlight never touches the ground. The people of Atlas believe that these dragons are the embodiment of the jungles nature, wild and unnamable, cut one tree down and 3 more grow in its place.

Ostrata, Mythic Earth Hunter

Wild Breath
Passive|Yellow|0 Rage
Switches between three breath modifiers: Overgrow, Nature’s Wrath and Heal.

Breath damage is increased by 50% and freezes towers for 1 seconds. Switches to Nature’s Wrath.

Nature’s Wrath:
Breath damage is increased by 100%. Switches to Heal.

Breath damage is increased by 50% and destroying towers heals the dragon for 5% of its modified HP. Switches to Overgrow.

Active|Blue|0 Rage
Dragon moves at 25% speed and cloaks for 3 seconds. During the cloak dragon has 100% increased rage generation. 3 second duration, 6 second cool down.

Active|White|2 Rage
Dragon stops moving and dodges all non-beam attacks for 3 seconds. During the dodge, dragon’s breath attack costs 99% less. 3 second duration, 6 second cool down.

Active|White|1 Rage
Freezes towers around the dragon for 1 second. Towers frozen will take 50% increased damage from all sources. 1 second duration, no cool down.

Ostrata fliers must manage their breath modifier to get the most out of their flight. While you could only use one breath modifier, the dragon flies best when they are constantly cycled to mach their need. To aid their attack, Ostrata has three defensive spells, however, another obstacle is the long cool down of Regrow and Untameable. Regrow briefly cloaks the dragon and allows for the dragon to regain rage while Untameable allows the dragon to dodge some damage but also attack towers. When these spells are on cool down, Ostrata must use Silence and Overgrow to constantly freeze towers until they can use their spells again.


Here’s mine


Should i copy all of the dragons over from Player Designed Dragons?

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hmm… let’s see what others think

I still want a cosmic hippo


One requested by Taco

Juan, the Lord of Salsa(hunter)
“The eater becomes the eaten.”


Active(white, 2 rage): Chilli bomb
The dragon blasts off a bowl of Very hot chilli that instantly destroys the same area’s worth of towers as Marav’s invoke, and heals 20% of its modified HP.
Cooldown: 5 secs

Active(blue, 1 rage): Step 1: cover yourself in oil
The dragon covers itself in oil, and all damage slide off for 5 secs as well as negating all status effects(poison, rage block). Transforms to Drip once shield terminates.

Active(white): Drip
The dragon heavily damages all towers in range and cover them in oil, which slows down their fire rate and decrease damage dealt by half.
Cooldowns for 5 secs, then cycles back to Step 1: Cover yourself in oil

Active(red, 1 rage): Supersonic Maracas
The dragon shakes out a tune as loud as a fighter plane’s engines with its tail, which deal damage to towers in range over time and grants the dragon 500% increased breath damage, scatters all non - beam projectiles and stop them from hitting, and double ammo for 5 secs.
Cooldown: 5 secs

Active: Adaptive Electrum Resists
spins, but it cycles between 75% Howitzer resist, pylon resist, and orrery immunity.


This is a mandatory task for the coding and modeling team

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Yayyyy, taco dragon!