Design your SERIOUS April Fool's Day Dragon


Let’s imagine that PG took community input (as they did with Somnus) to create a one-day prize tier (like the Headless Horseman) for a special April Fool’s Day Dragon. The dragon could be totally ridiculous, like Chunk, super OP like Surt, or somewhere in the middle but fun to fly like Somnus. What would you love to see?

Please, keep your suggestion constructive and fun. You can think about the dragons overall design, lore, and spells. Maybe if we think of something truly amazing, PG will take note :eyes:


Oh, it should definitely be a mythic so it requires two full complete lines before you can even get it. Then right after everyone has spent all those sigils (inflated again, of course) getting it, they should nerf it! HAHA! April Fools!

Oh wait… they already did that.


Ooh ooh I know! The dragon @mechengg created…


That poor thing doesn’t have wings… Poor Fred…



In my purely unbiased opinion


Event point optimization… :thinking:
Will this dragon get an inner fire as one of his passive?


He just walks through your base, literally, giving you base building tips and suggesting you run more egg missions.




Take a platypus and make it purple. Then give it wings and make it fly backwards. It’s “fire” mode would be to blast green and orange sparkly eggs out its butt. Each egg does negative damage to towers. Then cross belly flop with rainbow shot as a zero rage white spell. When cast, the platypus bounces on the base leaving a sparkling trail and doing 63.453% damage to all towers.


Name: Kardashev T4
Appearance: Dragon shaped picture of the universe, its entire body would be ever moving shifting galaxy types
Abilities: control space, time etc

special ability: immune to nerf as it is all powerful.


Good Dragon Fred! :crown:


Hunter: Green in color with duel curved horns
Lighting Speed
Adaptive Resistance
Passive April Fools

Passive April Fools: Dragon does 25% damage, if tower attack is a killing blow the damage is converted into health.


A dragon with 4 spells whatever that when you tap convert into something else haha


Love it.
Use a spell and it randomly changes to another spell for the next use :smiley:


THIS is what I would love to see…

A random adaptive resist
A random version of steel essence that cycles through various shields/healing spells
A version of soul devour (somnus) that hits random targets
A cheaper version of spell flux that hits a random target and does major damage (white)

Wrap it all up with some ridiculously looking, pog-like, cartoonie dragon and you’re set


There is only 1 correct answer :chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk:

Name: Chunkier
Class: Hunter
Element: Dark

  • Extreme Belly Flop: Extends past the normal island ranges and hits the entire base
  • Peekaboo: Cloaks, when it reappears it scares surrounding towers and stuns them
  • 2Cute2Die: White Everlasting hunt
  • Hater Resist: Resistance to all towers because they be haters

Disclaimer not my drawing


Only change I would make…extreme belly flop needs to take all 5 rage bars but be an instant kill for the base




Personally, I’d love to see a Duck, a cartoon rubber duck, pink, flying backwards, waddling along (imagine. Mr Blobby type character if you will ) and after reading previous replies I’m totally sold on the belly flop thing. I’d want it to turn around, to face the normal way, whilst that’s happening a magic tutu appears, it does a couple of little pirouettes and slams down on it’s belly with a BOING sound effect. Glitter and sparkles would appear and possibly an applause sound effect too. Maybe judges score cards with a execution score based on the damage done would pop up somewhere too.


disclaimer: I do not own this image

Ghost in the mist

Name: Misty
Class: Warrior
Element: wind
Rarity: Legendary


Mystify - Blinds towers to dodge all non-beam attacks. Dragon moves slower.
Mystic Winds - Deflects incoming projectiles and mage tower shots for 4.5 seconds
Elemental Barrier - Takes no damage from elemental attacks. Heals based on elemental damage received.

This pure white dragon is too shy to show in broad daylight, so she is always surrounded by thick fog. Hardly anything is known about her, apart from being elusive, and very determined to destroy your base.

Will she ever succeed?