Design your SERIOUS April Fool's Day Dragon


I want to see a dragon that can change between hunter sorcerer and warrior but the spells would stay constant. Also it would have 5 white spells and of course it has to have elemental resist as well.


Or maybe not even a dragon. Just a dense white cloud that can absorb entire islands with a 2 rage spell.


No, changed my mind.

It’s April Fool’s…so every time you start a game, the skillset should change. Random 4 skills everytime


And let’s face it, we have to restart the game A LOT due to bugs, glitches and crashes!


What about a mimic dragon? It would cycle through various dragons every time a spell is used, so it could be Somnus and turn into Surt. This could be seriously OP but it’s fun to think about!


3 Spells

" !! " - Cast a random red spell with a 20% chance of being a white spell. Cost 1 Rage. Cooldown based on random spell obtained.
" ?? " - Cast a random blue spell with a 20% chance of being a white spell. Cost 1 Rage. Cooldown based on random spell obtained.
" !? " - Every spell cast switches the passive resistance to a random one and provides 0.5 Rage Bar


1 White spell - cost 1 rage - random white attack spell
1 Blue spell - cost 0 rage - random blue healing/shield spell
1 Red spell - cost 2 rage - random red area attack spell
1 Yellow spell - passive - random ability triggered on every attack

But what would this infuriating creature look like?


A Pixel Box where you don’t know if it’s a bug or an actual feature


Or a give it steal essence, extract essence, leech essence and adaptive resist. :exploding_head:



Spriteless dragon which transcends developer’s realm


So…basically Misty here can’t be mage drained, downed by projectiles, downed by elemental damage…or have a prayer of killing anything with hammers going?
Lul. I like it.


With the ability to Nerf towers


What about a black hole that sucks towers in and heals himself based on the health the tower had. It does infinite damage.


Can tell lots dream of having an OP dragon…


Name: Chunky
Class: Sorcerer
Element: Ice


  1. AHHHHHHHH - Active - White - 4 Rage
  • This spell maxes out the brightness setting on any defenders devices and releases a blinding white light, searing the eyeballs of anyone who dares to defend against this dragon. Towers are also blinded and begin firing in random directions for 20 seconds.
  1. Muahahahaha - Passive - Yellow
  • Automatically activated after casting AHHHHHHHH. This spell activates your device’s microphone. the louder you scream into your device the higher this dragon’s attack is increased
  1. Extreme Flash - Active - White - 1 Rage
  • Dodges all attacks while active. If AHHHHHHHH is active it doubles that spells brightness and increases the dragon’s max attack power by 300%
  1. Hippo Justice - Active - White - 0 Rage
  • If this dragon has less than 1 rage it gains 1 rage and 25% of its max HP for each defender that has rage quit. If no one has quit yet then AHHHHHHHH is automatically activated


No need, they allready made the dragon:

It’s definitely an April fool’s joke just early.


A dragon with a white spell that crashes a defender’s game if it detects anyone defending. And another white spell that makes one tap 5 fireballs that lock onto towers if it’s a hunter or sorcerer. If it’s a warrior then the flamethrower attack is the width of the entire island so all 5 islands are hit simultaneously.


Indeed. But take into consideration the weaker damage output. :slight_smile:

A beautiful, annoyingly persistent, graceful infiltrator. :joy:


A fixed game??
I mean it would be great to play a game with no bugs and like it should play