Design your SERIOUS April Fool's Day Dragon


Might as well just have a low-cooldown, rageless, white evasion. “Haha. You can’t hit me. I can’t hit you. I’m gonna have a flight around your fine base; let’s be friends.”


Love this one. A dragon that can’t attack, can’t be hit
Fly a base with zero dam

“His is GhostRider permission to fly by”
“Ahh negative ghostrider pattern is full”


Might be nifty to give that drag sands, and allow spells to be cast during the white evasion. Would be like Hau with unlimited timeshift but no rewind.


There are two directions we can take this…either ridiculously OP, or simply ridiculous.

I would love to see a dragon whose appearance alone was enough to make defenders fall over laughing.

I’m imagining a grumpy dragon in a La Z Boy recliner reading the WD Forums on his Ipad as his chair hovers over the base, throwing random attacks hither and tither.


It’s April fools so give it sand and a familiar :rofl:


Sands towerfamiliar unsands tower…“Damn it, Sparky!”


Please dear god can they release a free hunter with sand and a familiar that is specifically programmed to target sanded towers only. And naturally all aoe spells as well.


Maybe there could be two options. They could release @BaldRabbit’s “Misty,” and also this second evasion/sand/familiar dragon could be called “Sandy.” :thinking:


Yes, but remember…this is a one day only prize tier…it can absolutely be infuriating, but still needs to be possible

What if the gimmick was that all of the prizes APPEAR to cost sigils, but are actually free (like how with the headless horseman we could skip prizes we didnt want)?

And I know I’m nerding out on my own thread (so low class :stuck_out_tongue:) but I love some of the ideas that have been thrown out here.

Dragon Name - The Trickster
-Confusion - red - updated version of elemental mayhem that simply confuses towers and causes them to attack one another
-Delay - blue - slows time for all towers and defenders but keeps attacker in real time
-Glitch Familiar - yellow - conjures a random, drunken dragon, who flies in front of you, attacks random towers and causes them to glitch (disabling supershot)
-Rage Quit - white - updated version of self destruct. Clears entire island, but kills dragon


How about instead of a dragon, we get an April Fool’s Tower?

I propose the Confetti Flak. Feeling bad about shooting down all those beautiful dragons that visit your base? Celebrate their arrival instead! The Confetti Flak will do nothing but fill the air with colour as your opponent decimates your other towers. The extra xp for zero defensive benefit is perfect for those who have wasted their time honing an optimal base design. Spend all those embers you can’t really spare on this magnificently pointless new addition to the flak range.


How about instead of a dragon, a rewind for the defender. Can be used up to 5 times on April 1st only. When a run is at 99% the defender deploys and the attacker gets sent back to the beginning of the run and is forced to do over.



If they were smart, they’d use a one day tier to demo towers they were considering implementing. The towers would be free to upgrade up to your current max level available…but would disappear after 3 days. There would be three towers available, and you could choose to build ONE at a time.

For three days we could play around with maxed out free towers and then vote with PG on the one we liked best


Here’s my idea… I’m thinking more of a mysterious kind of creature that will get us all wondering what’s underneath it’s wings.

Name: Incognito
Class: Hunter
Appearance: This dragon is a true unknown. Even when viewing it, it’s very hard to tell what it really looks like. Even when being viewed in the stable, it stays sitting perfectly still, wings and tail wrapped around itself, just peeking out from between its wings. The dragon’s eyes are yellow, like that of some bird of prey’s. It has a feathery-scaled mix, and has a greenish base, with darker assets, and blue highlights for a rather intriguing look. The pattern is a lot of dapples and splotches, like it’s trying to blend in with the forest floor.
When in flight, a fog of some sort seems to surround it and conceal how it really looks- revealing only the tips of its flapping wings and its feathered tail tip.
Animations/Movement: When sitting, the Dragon seems very still. It has a barely visible feathered crest on its back that’ll slowly prick up and down. When turned around, the Dragon’s wings still cover a lot of its features, such as number of arms, legs, spines, and the like. However, it has a scaley back with a fabulous crest and a sweeping tail.
The animation would be something along the lines of it being startled and completely closing its wings and becoming perfectly still before slowly peeking out again.
Perch Attacking: If it’s set on a perch, it releases it’s fire attack before hiding itself momentarily and repeating.
Fire Appearance: The blast appears as a sinister looking blue firebolt. Black energy crackles around the edges of it, adding to how intimidating it seems.
Burst - When I think of April Fool’s, I think Sneaky! The idea here is a cloak and exploding shield mix. The Burst works as the standard cloak, but does an explosion when the dragon reappears. (It can be cancelled early by firing) This would cost between two to three rage, since on one hand, it’ll be a defining feature of the dragon, but on the other… it seems OP if it only costs one.
Leech - A blue spell that works almost like vampiric touch would, but on a Hunter. Cast with burst, it can restore a lot of health and rage per tower destroyed. It would cost three rage.
Some other chill spell - Just something to put it at legendary status. Lockdown seems kinda lame for it, especially with burst crashing through everything. A regular cloak will be a waste. Perhaps some passive “hey, after you hit this tower, it takes more damage from all sources” like Jarl? It would definitely aid in being a tactical striker, or just being tough in general since hunters tend to be squishy.
Dark Flak Resist - Because I said so.

Written Description: According to all known records, this dragon does not exist.



/searches for the hidden cam HB has installed in my living room


Give it 1 white spell

April Fools - when cast has a 50% chance of instantly destroying the entire base. The other 50% of the time, the dragon explodes and splatters flaming dragon carcass on your screen.


love this



I’d switch it down to a lower % and scale it based on defenders present.
20% no defenders
15% 1 defender
10% 2 defenders
5% 3 defenders

Then it’s actually maybe a viable dragon…



Don’t nerf it before it even exists