Design your SERIOUS April Fool's Day Dragon


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as requested in the FB stream - The Mods



You invited PG to my secret thread? Lol…guess I’m in trouble…

No, but seriously, this has been a great conversation. Hope one of these dragons actually gives the PG design team some ideas


Lol they were talking Chunk April fools and this post got mentioned. Lots here is just OP dreams lol, but some great ideas within as well. Edit: he basically said there was something in the works already for April fools so :bowing_man:‍♂


Ooooo…I’m feeling all excited and tingly that PG actually noticed this little thread :blush:


Pretty sure there aren’t any threads on the forum that are secret from PG lol :joy: But unless they are tagged or the thread sort of explodes, it might be able to fly under the radar :eyes:

There have been some interesting ideas on the thread. I shall continue watching since I have no good idea for a serious April fools dragon.


Perhaps the dragon should simply be a very tired and overworked PG dragon designer.




I did not create this image.


I’m not that creepy…

Can you make it cuter? :pleading_face:


I’ll try to draw you my own version of that after I’m done with my current project :upside_down_face: It might be a while though :laughing:


Thanks Liz.
I’m excited :laughing:



I am so for this!


Hey, we’ve got a polar bear dragon; why not!? We could even give it a penguin/seal familiar. Every time you fly this thing it would look like something out of National Geographic.


Again…all for it…but I need it to be called The Whalinator :laughing:


Egad…mortal enemy of Whalegnawer. :scream:
A true clash of Titans! :muscle::whale:


The Empyrean tier dragons coming soon…


I can’t design a dragon due to lack of program but I was thinking a succbus dragon. It’s special is that it can absorb the weapons power that it destroys for a one time hit. Granted it would be a spell or a boost that can only be used on this dragon. Wish I could show a picture of what’s in my mind but that’s my idea.


I wish that very very often :sweat_smile: I always have ideas about Dragons or other creatures but to get them out of my mind (illustrate or realise them) is usually long or hard to do :joy:


Like Steal Essence kind of spell?


Yes. If it destroys dark flak it gains it and is able to use it, or the ice, lightening etc. which ever weapon it destroys it gets that as a weapon


a white, beefed up, steel essence.

So, distilling some of the suggestions that I’ve read through…so far we have a:

Killer whale shaped dragon that is shrouded in a mist. Clearly, this is a hunter because he is equipped with a white steel essence spell, some sort of blue mist-related cloak spell, a red 50/50 self sacrifice/base annihilation spell, and a yellow spell that is either some form of adaptive resistance that also changes his element or just some sort of healing spell.

This :point_up: is turning into a viable and not terribly overpowered dragon