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Who threw a white steal essence on my lovely Whalinator!? I’m kind of confused by the concept of a white steal essence in general. Steal essence and it’s variants are passive spells. Is the idea that any spell gained through this S.E. vairant would be white? If so :nauseated_face:. S.E is fun because it is so situational; it gives the pilot many avenues to be cleaver, not just 8-10 different spells that can be cast unrestricted. I’m still on the silly train, so here’s my idea:

Whalinator - Legendary Hunter

Passive- Frantic Seal Familiar (works like other familiars, white seal with a bite out of it’s tail.)

(Combination spell, like Scarlett Fever)
Dive- Blue, 2 rage. Whalinator dives into the waters next to the island, avoiding all damage and mage shots. It continues to move at 50% speed for up to 8 seconds. Can be cancelled by firing normal attack. Empowers next ability.

Breach- White, 0 rage. Whalinator explodes from the depths, dealing substantial (not insta kill) AoE damage 360 degrees around breach zone. Towers damaged by Breach have attack speed reduced by 50%.

Ambergris- white, 1 rage. Whalinator spits a wad of nasty sputum at Target area, permanently disabling towers until they are damaged; small AoE. (Like sands)

Adaptive resist -or- adaptive flak resist.




Red with Gold horns & highlights* version of Ryuu, the Water dragon

Turn the lightning & freeze to white nerfed counterparts (bolt & chill?)
Passive: waterform - first 2 times per day flown, projectiles pass through like water.
Resist: Fire element (fire turret & fire flak)

*edit: thx Shannalotte

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Already have a red ryuu:



5 spells? :thinking:

That’s a lot of animating for the poor PG team. I mean, I know we’re just fantasizing, but it would be lovely if they actually cough cough drew “inspiration” from one of our suggestions.

As per the point regarding S.E., you’re right. Forgot that was a passive skill, but I think we meant that once it Steals the Essence from a target tower, the gained spell would be white. SE blue/red spells still get blocked by mage towers…but the idea was to take it a step further and have his element change, as well, reducing the buff from elemental totems/etc.

Otherwise…I love the Whalinator

  1. Seal familiar is fun, but will mess with Ambergis…sand + a familiar? shudders
  2. Dive is awesome, love it. But he should charge rage and health while moving at 50%
  3. Breach works lovely
  4. Ambergris as a sand spell is very functional, but maybe combine desicating sand and soul barrage - fires 3-5 random shots of sand?
  5. I’d swap AR for White infused SE with adaptive elemental shifting

:drooling_face::moneybag::money_with_wings: @PG come take our money



Dragon Name - The Trickster

Legendary Sorceror
(I don’t own any of this artwork)

Here’s the dragon:


I’ve only thought up two so far…open to suggestions

Mirage - white - projects the illusion of a familiar who does no damage but absorbs damage and charges rage
Last Laugh - passive - If the dragon dies, next dragon gets full rage and temporary invincibility

Here’s the avatar:
Image result for the fool



In regards to “5 spells”:
Dive and Breach are two halves of the same spell. Similar to Seething Spark or Scarlett Fever from Prospero. Dive would “empower” breach; meaning you can not cast the latter unless the former is active. Basically, while Whalinator is under the water (cloaked), the spell icon changes from the blue “dive” icon to the white “breach” icon. Youu hit the “breach” icon to use the spell during the duration of “dive,” or let the dive spell run out and you drag will just reappear on the map without any of the effects from “breach,” similar to just letting the duration of a cloak spell run out.



I’d have mine a bit stealthy…

Ice pulse - White, 1 rage, 2 cd
High speed projectile. Deals 20x damage and freeze the target for 2s.

Deep mist - Red, 1 rage,
Cloak up to 6s. Upon uncloaking, release a blast which damage nearby towers by 1% HP and lock them in whirlpool (similar to sand)

Wave Spirit - Blue, 1 rage,
Cloak up to 12s. Can cast spell while cloaked.

Ocean’s grace - Yellow (passive)
Heals by 10% HP and 25 rage for each destroyed towers.

OP? :thinking:



A cloak within a cloak? :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Is Ice pulse meant to be like crippling chill, or spell flux, or death gaze, or frostbite, or what? Either way, the freeze is probably unnecessary. It does twice as much damage as Ragnarok! AND can be cast while cloaked! :joy:




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if one is active, the other is disabled.
Still think about cooldown thought… :thinking: Probably 3-6s

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It sounds most like an enhanced version of Gunnar’s Snowblind with shorter duration freeze to me…though I could definitely be wrong.

Edit: Above statement is incorrect.



Nope. Freeze with splash range of death gaze.

:thinking: Probably…



Oooooh. See, I said I could be wrong!!! Seems more balanced that way I think. :grimacing:



Ahhh. Clearly underpowered, then. I mean, it can only kill one island every two seconds! I demand a longer range! And maybe a temporary invincibility when cast.



It would only be able to be used during that battle. If you destroy the target you get the attack power that one time so I guess it would be white. Or something available as a level up skill.


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