Designing a good warrior

There has been discussions here and there, and also there was a thread on past forum regarding this topic, and I really liked it, so I thought of putting a new thread up to focus on this issue. Now, there will be some rebalancing to the warriors done, which will be

I think this will slightly make the warriors stronger, but as it was clarified in the thread, it doesn’t result in increased damage per second, so impact won’t be really big, I guess. Well we really have to see.

To quote in some of the opinions that I really agree from previous posts,

So, I guess in summary, current problem with warriors are that

  1. No room for skill or planning intervening the outcome of game result.
  2. Too weak to be a tank at current state of the game. Especially at higher levels.

I’m not really in a favor of fixing warriors just to be a massive tank again by further increasing their basic stats, that’s giving a easy raid without any thinking. So I would like to throw in some ideas on design that might give some strategic edge to warriors. Values should be adjusted. Haven’t really thought it through.

  1. Lockdown ability of some sort.
    Idea 1: passive spell that gives dragon an ability to freezes tower for 5 sec when tower’s hp is reduced more than half by dragon’s flame.
    Idea 2: white or red spell, 2 rage, duration 2 secs, lockdown any tower that is damaged during the duration of the spell. Cool down of 5 sec. lockdown will begin when the spell is over, so dragon will take damage at least for 2 sec.

  2. Improve some of potentially strong warrior spells.
    Idea 1: white battle cry. I know it sounds OP, but give it a cool down of more than 10 sec to prevent abuse. This will make a great lead dragon.
    Idea 2: white vampiric touch, 2 rage, no rage gain, 3 sec cool down.

  3. Give an ability to strategically select resist.
    Only idea I have now is a white one rage spell, that gives resist on first tower that the dragon damages after casting. Cool down of 3 sec?

More and more I think about it it comes to white spell or passive spell, probably because warriors (and sorcerer’s too) can’t take down mage towers fast enough.

I guess that’s why Skarr and Zamarok was a good design! I don’t have them since I don’t have the luxury to get all the divines, and warrior will be my last choice, but these dragons did make me think a little bit.

Anyway those were my thoughts, any criticism welcome :slight_smile:


Amarok is and will always be my favorite dragon.:heart:

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When i start playing (not long ago) I only used warriors because they were easy to fly. Like you said they were and still are tanks to low lvs. I started to grow then I don’t use warriors anymore because of that. It’s easier now for a Hunter then a warrior to fly.

I love the idea of a Steal Resist passive ability. The first tower you damage in each battle earns you a Resist for that tower, that must be activated like a spell, and lasts for x seconds. If it functions like Steal Essence, that could be pretty sweet.

Could just make Steal Essence Light (current version) and Steal Essence Dark, which gives resists instead of spells.

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Warriors’ biggest flaw is lack of burst dps. Not sure how to fix that while keeping their flamethrower attack…but maybe something along the lines of a turbocharged heated breath. If it dealt way more damage than it does currently and lasts just until you kill one tower? They need SOME way to be able to take down key towers through hammer spam, even if its rage dependent.

Steal resist is very cool sounding, but prob wouldnt help much against heavy defense im thinking?


Maybe, instead of a focused flame thrower? It could be widened to hit 2 towers? Possibly 3 depending on island?

Not sure if they can do a steal resist mechanic based on first tower damaged. Steal essence is based on first tower destroyed. If steal resist is based on tower destroyed then its pretty much useless as most good bases only have one or two towers of a particular type max. Also, resists are a passive spell not active, so making them active could also be a problem.

However, I do like the idea! Will make flying much more interesting.

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I think that might be OP undefended and not helpful defended. Idk, when i think “defended” im thinking of crazy hammers thrown by 2-3 defenders, which I know isnt probably the case on many defended runs. But ive seen lots of times where a warrior is literally just trying to kill its first tower and it just gets repaired faster than it gets hurt until the drag dies. And the mocking in LC ensues for your 2% fail :joy:


Maybe double tap and hold to increase the breath weapons power to double the amount for 1/2 the duration?
Then it cuts off like when you are hit by the trebuchet ?
It would take more skill to use but it could defeat the hammer spamming and get you 4-8% :joy::joy::joy:

This seems more useful for the rare long base, which is probably beatable anyways if you’re attacking it. I’m also not fighting against 2 maxed dark flak or anything though

Edit: I missed the “damaged” part in the post you were replying to. How about a passive spell of whichever tower you’re hitting you resist? I’m sure that’s a terrible idea but just spitballing lol

How about a passive ability that will exponentially increase the fire power as long as it is targeting the same tower?
Or may be some thing like an explosion mark, that will make towers explode when it is destroyed and deals damage that they have taken to near by towers? Making hammering a deadly choice.

Just a thought.

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@Gox1201, your people need you!

So you know how u have the breath effect left on towers when u turn up ur graphics?..why not implement some burn effect to a warriors breath, nothing too intense but just something to help against the hammer spamming

That was always their problem though. Even back when warriors were useful they could be out hammered. BUT back then the warrior would still survive for a while. I remember using amarok against some tough bases defended in a war. I only killed 2 towers on the long but still made it through, and i killed what i needed to for the base to be setup, (i think i killed the reds then had a darja follower). Their DPS doesn’t needs to go up IF they can tank a base again. They dont need to be able to solo, just survive and be able to set it up for a follower.


I like the dmg increase idea tbh

I agree with a damage increase but like @Makotora stated make it passive/stock for all warriors. The longer the flame hits a tower have an uptic in DPS (unsure of how fast the damage should increase).
If there health was buffed (again unsure of how far) to match the plan of them being able to take out a couple of towers but stay alive so they hit the big trouble towers.

Reading your and @NotOwl ‘s post, I think I came up with a good one with existing spell.

Spell flux, crumble to dust, two resists (ice and dark flak will be awesome)

Crumble might be an answer to hammer spamming and also not enough tankage. It lowers tower hp and attack by half, so it serves as solution for both. Just need some aid to take down red mage so assist with flux :smirk:

Flux and Crumble as a combo on a warrior would certainly be very powerful

So would ice and flax resist.

If such a dragon comes out get ready for cries of OP!