Despite the moans, thanks PG

I probably moan a fair bit, and I know many many many more moan worse than me, but despite my initial scepticism of the kingdom wars changes, our team has really enjoyed how KW has worked this time round.

It’s not perfect, but it’s been enjoyable, so thanks devs. We all know there are MANY things that need fixing, but it’s nice to be positive for a change.

Overall, trying to get past all the bugs and glitches this season, I’d say I’ve enjoyed this season more than the last 5 or 6.

Anyone agree?


I agree, ideas are good only need fix some little things. Like adding dragons for tiles is a pain with many lag. Often need open details twice to see defenders. Also open a tile details ends a lot with a freeze, but if they get this fixed it will be nice. Overall an improvement to KW.


I second this… KW is a lot easier this time around


We’ve gone back and forth with at least 4 teams over the course of the KWs. It’s been good to have the ebb and flow.

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It’s definitely been a lot more dynamic, which is nice, I also think it’s been more fun - the only thing that people may still have an issue with (aside from the tweaks that need to be done to the new version) is that the ‘initial placement’ problem still hasn’t been fixed and that it’s still up to luck.


There are still quite a lot of flaws in it. You still race teammates to the blackbloods because they are, inexplicably, worth more points than real bases, despite being ridiculously weak. Because the cities share a raid button, personal points are much easier to get if you spread your attacks, which is directly opposed to effective team results. Monuments having pve bases is just incomprehensible inane, as are the pve bases themselves. Scoring is heavily biased towards large alliances, since you can have all your allies have one city on all your hexes to give them a ton of points without losing anything yourself. The dragon defense mechanic is very cumbersome, unrewarding, and not in any way interesting, just another chore. Just to name a few.


I don’t know what event y’all be playing but consider this:

It used to take 1.5 megas to finish a tile. It now takes 9 megas if you’re racing a team.

You used to be able to lock in your progress. Now your HP reduces to 1 on your inner tiles. So your soft centre is exposed.

The only way not to expose your soft centre is to hold the line at your front. That means racing any other team trying to conquer those tiles. And that means megas.

If the enemy breaks through they got an easy cheap run to take all your tiles. To take them back, you need, you guessed it, more megas.

Have fun spending more next time this event is run. Hint: it won’t be last week of season where most teams have given up.


Yeah better just do singles and raids, and recover your IF balance a bit. Also don’t assign defender dragons to lose hexes faster and get 10% extra points for having less than half the vp/hr. Get nice personal points with little inners, ignore team prizes. Only way to play this one really.


Need to have this bolded and enlarged


Absolutely, if you aim at team ranking, it’s the most expensive event imo and it’s just worse than it was for leader/ officers


Oh and I forgot to add. PvE on monuments. Which gives most points.

Guess what that means. More megas! Cos you really need to keep having access to the monument to be able to enjoy those points. And easy runs using krelos.

I hope it’s starting to dawn on everyone that this event is designed to do one thing and one thing only.


I kinda got the feeling PG were actually trying to encourage less megas, which I’m more than happy with. Means a team hitting a ton of megas doesn’t just rake everyone else to death.

I’m sure many are unhappy about that, but I’m just fine with it.

I also like the vulnerabilities. Doesn’t make any team invincible


Megas give over 5k points. Every base to kill is from about 700/800 to 2000ish. Don’t need megas for that at all.

Unless your wars have been different?

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Ever been in a race? Guess not.

Sure use supers and singles. That’s fine if it’s not competitive.


I guess not too. I was busy having fun on a game

Remember other teams also need more energy to conquer tiles back. The new system benefits active teams which is quit nice.


Soooo…nothing positive for you at all about the entire season?
That was kinda what my post was about.

Not if the team you’re fighting added a ton of dragons with between 500 and 800 additional HP per dragon

True. I guess that’s just us being in Plat

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And thats postive as it benefits active teams.