Could you please refine DESTAR stats, One dragon shouldn’t decide wars he is way over powered this needs to change for many reasons. This is killing game moral, and over powered dragon taking Obsidian level towers even with next tower increase it will still be too powerful the game balance is way off.


It’s not the dragon or stats (for the most part), the problem is with the tower rebalance and nerfing larger bases.
E: Lol oh :see_no_evil:

So you’re telling me that a dragon that obliterates everything as long as you don’t forget to pick up your finger is bad?!?


Hopefully others are picking up on the sarcasm @Panda

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So by replacing storm resist with dark flak resist, Destar = Harbinger Skarr++?

Blood fury is much better than whatever Skarr had

Reporter: “A warrior is now the most OP dragon in the game. @TheRedDelilah would you care to comment”


Player J jumps out of hiding, points and exclaims: “Told you warriors were king!”
But took 8 paragraphs to do so.


Its not like the mythic sorcerer and hunter will be different.

Attacking a base with lvl 20 towers with an expert mehaten hardly makes him op…

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Someone plz post expert stat of dester , what u have .

1b ap, 100m hp

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@FATC0BRA fear not and get your credit card ready, lvl65 towers will come next fort event to restore ‘balance’ in the game :wink:

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Hahhahahah!im dying :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Time to use his breeding paths :laughing::laughing::laughing:

There will always be an op dragon, just like there will always be someone around to cry about it…


Hmm. I disagree to some degree. Gold didn’t have one specifically and sapphire didn’t either. Until Hau.

I would also say Emerald didn’t have a specifically OP dragon either.

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If they follow this past tier it would more likely be level 70 towers

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