Destar spellfux

I’ve noticed on some of my runs, that Destar’s Spellflux is pulling a baby Kelvin and spilling over to other islands. I initially thought it was just an optics issue, but I saw it happen on my base too. I don’t have screenshots yet, as I haven’t been hammered by the Death Star recently and it doesn’t happen on all bases…just when the tower it hits is nearest the other island…just wanted to see if others are experiencing it or if perhaps I missed another thread saying PG is looking into it…

There is a location on the small island towards the front that will kill a tower on the middle big island with spell flux. Is this what you are talking about.

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It has an area of effect “splash” if you will, that does spill into the other islands. The easiest reproducible instance of this is if red is back left (attacker POV) on island 6 and you spell flux. The effect will splash onto the front left tower (still attacker POV) of middle Long. There’s another spot where back left of island 8, it’ll splash on to the very back of Long Island (island 4). If you were around when skarr was popular, you would have also come across this.
I think a more worrying bug is when spellflux is cast, and it does its effect on the tower, but the tower doesn’t die. Have seen this twice this past week.


Yes, that is basically what I saw, but I thought the AoE issue carrying over to other islands had been corrected as far back as Phasmos …and yes, I have see s the other issue, but thought it was an optics issue since I haven’t seen it occur on my base in replays or while defending.

Basically, yes, but it happens in a few spots depending on tower and location.

*ammended to say that i thought this particular issue was fixed with phasmos, but a larger issue with the mighty Kelvin was addressed separately…

Monsterdeserts kelvin killed the entire base with one flux. The issue you’re describing, however, is intended as far as I am aware of.

This is exactly it. You can also shoot from island 4 to hit the building on island 8 if you miss it for some reason lol.
This isn’t at all related to MD and that kelvin issue

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Why in the world would it be intended when no other AoE spell behaves the same way? Might as well have earthquake, vines, etc. bleed over to prep for the next island… I mean, I benefit from it as much as it negatively impacts me, but not everyone has a viable dragon with it included. PG has claimed that at least part of their spell rebalancing efforts were driven by an attempt to create consistency; i.e., blue vs. red thunderstorm (white on sage aside), etc. Death Star is already ridiculously op’d enough for a warrior, that the added advantage seems ludicrous…

@PGCrisis or whomever the @ is supposed to go to…is this an intended affect or is it a bug?

Hey there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our devs have confirmed that this is indeed not intended and they are on the case for a fix! Thanks again for reporting this to us, we appreciate it! :smiley:

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MonstersDesert got soooooo excited when they saw this thread, they couldnt wait to get back to Diamond to team up with NMO and Royal again. Dream crushed :cry:

Thank you…really appreciate the quick response!

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