DESTARS NEW SPELL! Player got exclusive rights


They must have Atlas Invincible Rider… I’m Jelly


Wowee, now THAT’S not intentional. I know Destar’s a powerful beast and all…but this is madness!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’ve forwarded it along to our team to investigate. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that one of the cheat engines which modifies the attack to hit all buildings on an island at once? To my limited knowledge


Why am I not surprised… LOL. Just more evidence for future Bans to come.

That’s. Awesome.

What a fool. Banwave 1.2 version in the near future.

False advertisement - I thought it’d be Kelvin’s Spell Flux 2.0 :frowning:

Never understand why show off when other player can watch replay and report. Guess people can’t help but to show off and get ban.

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Don’t get carried away. I’d be SHOCKED if PG banned him


Sad too, we have video of another player yesterday abusing a known glitch, over and over and over and over… but we expect zero will happen.

They could possibly even be on the same team…

Post here, maybe they have exclusive rights to use that also😅

I think people on the team sent it to PG. Let them review it directly before I post how to exploit a glitch on the forums.

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This looks like a typical call out thread… which is fine in my mind but didn’t @PGJared say not to make these in forums and to report it through proper channels? Why is this one allowed and why is @PGCrisis not calling a spade a spade and saying as much here?

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agree with Mike. I’m all for call-outs like this, but @PGCrisis if you’re gonna enforce a rule, enforce it across the board.


Well the OP has “dread” in his name… so…

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changes name to DreadSuav

gets free pass from PG

also gets jumped in the parking lot by 5 Dread members


Lol I doubt they are so big and tough in person. Your fine in the parking lot… beware of a full on keyboard warrior assault though


Or maybe Dragon warriors? So many dragon warriors seems like certain death though !
(Hint : remember kungfu … )

Royal Road. Again. When are we banning teams, yes TEAMS, that consistently and persistently CHEAT?