Destroyed Tower Doesn’t Stay Dead!

I thought it was just me seeing things, until today when my backup partner experienced the same thing and we both saw it.

When fighting through heavily defended flak, ice, fire, Rmage storm (the kill island group) my teammate killed the lvl 34 Ice turret. We both saw the top being blown off. But then, as she turned her dragon to the flak tower, from out of the white fog emerged… the ice turret apparantly whole and repaired.

In the two occasions this has happened to me, both very heavily deffended, I had targetted and successfully blown up the dark flak tower, with accompanying graphic explosion and booming crash, and yes, blew the top into the air. But I also was shocked (and died rather quickly after that) when the purple clouds parted to display an apparantly whole and repaired dark flak tower!

Today my opponent was a lvl 147 with defence of 13.3M. I was lvl 198 using lvl 32 Equestor. My backup was lvl 237 using her high lvl Neptus. Yet, with this Lazarus-like Turret post mortum recovery, neither of us could get through… when the defence was there. Later, we both tried again, seperately and, with no defence, we both cruised through.

Has anyone else experienced this? I tell you, it’s hard enough trying to muscle your way through the white-out blizzard of defence and repair without the towers springing back to life AFTER they have been destroyed.

What do you think? A glitch where the hammer does a miracle Lazarus repair, or is it something new… like the new rider creating the glitch… or is it a glitch where the sound and graphics jump the gun?

Or did I imagine it… twice… and then today had a shared illusion with my teammate? Nah!


I think it can happen if there’s enough lag between the attacker and the defender, your local game thinks the tower was destroyed, but then the lagged hammer comes through and retro-actively repaired the tower before you blew it up. Not sure if that’s what happened here, but I think it happened to me a few times at least. Not 100% sure but I think that’s also the difference between the blue and grey health bar towers have. If the blue is gone but there is still some grey, I believe it means your local game thinks the tower has been destroyed, but hasn’t confirmed with the remote defender yet, so it could still get a repair. It’s easier to see if you turn off the destruction animations.

That actually sounds logical! I hope it can be fixed.

I just thought I would air the topic in case there were dozens, or hundreds, or Thousands(!) of War Dragons players out there all thinking that they were seeing things lol.

Remember when people would stack farms on each other? What if they are stacking flaks and going all Exhibit with the flaks?

I think that one was before my time…

But I’m definitely not saying it can’t be a bug or exploit, just speculating it might be a more common lag-based issue.

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