Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-1)

Overly Expensive Tower Level-up Time for Top Players

This issue has been around for a long time, like the other issues in this document. PG must get it together and solve this issue, otherwise the future of this game is not looking too bright.

  1. It definitely should be expensive for those top tier players. I’m perfectly fine with that but looking at the numbers…

a) 46 storage Upgrades taking 42 days each (barely any xp gain or storage increase from each upgrade) I think that is too much, don’t ya?

b) 57 days for 1 upgrade - Obsidian and Harbinger Incubator and Breeding Castle

c) Lvl 44 to 60 Towers taking 40+ days to upgrade. Starting from lvl 51, it takes 57 days for a single upgrade

  1. It isn’t impossible to achieve a maxed base for top players but as you can see it is insane.

  2. Every season or so, PG introduces 5 more tower levels along with another tier. Based on this, in the next winter season, there will be lvl 75-80 towers…imagine the time required to upgrade for the towers that don’t get capped (time capped).

This redundant cycle is definitely a HUGE problem currently that needs to change

Stop Introducing new dragon tiers. If PG puts an end introducing new dragon tiers, there is no need for new tower levels. PG still needs to make revenue from the whales though.

a) My idea is to introduce dragon rider tiers. Dragon Rider Tiers: Different riders will be viewable in the rider building.
Purchased using:

  • Egg tokens
  • Rubies (reasonable)
  • from seasons/events
    Types of Riders
  • Tier Relevant (Blue rider - helps blue dragons) only a few of these per tier
  • Universal (Rage, HP, Attack Power, Cooldown Reducer)
  • Base (creative skills would be nice)
  • Normal (Wisdom/similar to atlas riders)
  • Class Riders (Warrior, Sorcerer and Hunter)
    Other Info
  • Active Spell Rider: Gives the dragon a unique spell that the dragon can use unlimited times. If this is turned “on,” consumable spells cannot be equipped.
  • No parents of tier riders

These tier riders have much less skills than divine riders
Obviously, we might face the same issue with rider tiers but then this game is done lol

b) Scale Gold Chests based on builders hut
Scaling Proposition :Scaling Propositions 2.0

c) Scale packs in forge based on builders hut/storage hut

d) Increase Atlas speedup prizes from events

e) Put a lower cap on time needed to complete storage, tower, breeding castle and incubator upgrades.

Refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the Table of Contents.


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