Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-4)


This issue has also been around for a while. There are so many new spells in new tiers, divines, etc. to compliment all those new spells, new runes should be introduced

  1. For a long time, we’ve asked PG for new runes in silver chests to go along with the new spells being added to Divines and tiers.

  2. Runic chests - added more Resist runes, another way of obtaining epic+ runes, few more runes. Now runic chests also drop glyphs.

a) 8k Rubies for 10 runic chests - that is way too expensive for possibility of rare runes.

b) Resist runes added: Fire Turret, Ice Turret, Dark Flak (These runes aren’t great…I would much rather have rage)

c) Few more runes - I guess charged Shield did not drop in silvers…nothing special about this outdated name of some spell similar to explosive shield.

d) A lot of players just get a free legendary/mythic rune/glyph by claiming 30 silvers and waiting till the next time runic chests replace silvers.

e) Most of the runes are trash, I’m sorry. Rare runes should NOT drop in this limited time chest. The drop rate to get a legendary or mythic is too low when spending rubies to open. Runes to be removed in this post: Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17

  1. Seasonal Runes are okay because every line consists of a legendary and mythic rune. These runes most of the time, are not useless because they complement the dragon’s spells. However, I’d like to see more glyphs in seasonal lines.

a) Example: Mythic Thunderbolt for Borgian

  1. Event Prizes & Lack of Glyphs

a) 3 slots for glyphs and 2 for normal runes - glyphs are getting rarer and rarer. I think on every dragon, there should be 3 normal rune slots and 2 glyph spots.

b) Event Prizes have definitely improved recently, however sometimes there is still Explosive Shield runes or healing striker runes in achievement prizes. This is one of the few places in which you can get glyphs.

  1. Team Achievements: Awarding a legendary glyph that is obtainable by Saph+ teams. It’s nice but Team Achievements Glyphs are scaled for Saph+ tbh. I’d like to see this scaled based on league.

a) Gold league: Achievable for Gold teams, however granted a rare glyph instead
- Plat league: Achievable for platinum teams, however granted an epic glyph.

b) Examples: Legendary Fire Turret Frenzy Glyph


Discussion: Runes and Glyphs Need a Change!
Runic Chest RANT: RANT: New mythic Rune (skip if not interested)

  1. Add a bunch of new runes AND glyphs to silver chests.

a) Plat+ spells

b) Divine new spells

c) Universal Runes drop rate should be high (HP, Rage, attack, Ammo, etc)
2. Runic Chests: Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17

a) Remove all rare runes

b) Decrease the cost to 4k-6k for 10 runic chests

c) Remove all useless runes (evasion, battle cry, resist runes, havoc, etc)

d) Increase Glyph drop OR implement a rune inventory function to convert a normal rune to a glyph.

e) Add more useful runes for plat+ and seasonal divines.

f) Drop from monuments just like silver chests do!!

  1. More glyphs in season branches
    a) Glyph/Rune Branch?? PG can earn money from this. I remember this from the spring 2017 season.

  2. Event Prize Runes & Lack of Glyphs

a) Let players choose runes out of a selection for achievement prizes.

b) As mentioned before, glyphs in silver chests, conversion from normal to glyph rune, 3 rune slots and 2 glyph slots or more glyphs in season branches.

  1. Team Achievement Scaling -----

a) The difficulty of obtaining prizes from this should be scaled by league.

b) Prizes scaled for league
i.) Rare Glyph instead of legendary for gold league

Refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the Table of Contents.

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