Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-5)

Redundant Event Cycle & Endless Divine Seasons

PG releases a new set of Divines every season and also a new tier. It’s endless… These issues result in a boring game and is one of the reasons many players have left the game. Please make a change to the event cycle and seasons.

  1. Since nightshade’s fall season, PG released 29 seasonal Divines dragons and more are coming…

a) Divines aren’t “divine,” anymore. Every season mostly everything is the same. It’s getting boring


  1. If nothing changes, we will have 20 tiers, 50 divines and worst, a bored community. I’m already bored lol

a) Tiers only get more expensive

  1. Divines keep on getting more stones. Eventually, the divine branch cost will increase.

a) Eventually, riders will be repetitive as well.

  1. Boring Event Cycle: Pvp, Breed, Pvp, Fort, Pvp, Breed, Pvp, Fort, Pvp, Breed…

Each season, mess up the cycle by inserting a feeding event (remake of Fort; both rss events). Assault was added in the summer season but it didn’t turn out to stay because of a few reasons.

a) These shouldn’t be called “Events” anymore.

b) The game is like a to-do list for many players.

c) Lack of creativity and changes. For instance, throw in a cool event every once in a while.

  1. Pvp Event Rebalancing or Changes, Please

a) #bringbackthebonusmeter

b) The Pvp events are not only boring, they also are a lot more time consuming and require more money/grinding to achieve the same number of prizes in a minor event. IMO the prizes are a bit too difficult to reach. Conquer the world is the absolute worst event ever. PG, WD is boring right now.

c) I’m not the only one who thinks the mega coin is NOT a replacement for the mega coin: Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


  1. Creative Seasons – as listed above (#5 Problems in the game)
  2. New events (more listed above in #5 Problems in the Game)
    • Rage/defending Event (points for spending rage and defending)
    • Ruby Event (rubies earned from defeating bases and successfully defending
    • War Event (bracket system or war prizes)
  • Dragon Riders instead of dragons
    Suggestion: War brackets
    • Rune Fortification
  • create a special season with all brand new events and different season format
  • Dragon with 3 Spells
  • player can choose spells out of a selection (divine dragon)
  • sigil missions/sigils from something else instead of events
  • use tokens to gain divines
  • Special defense items/towers/seasonal boosts/ etc instead of dragons.
  • Completely change the rewards earned in season branches
  • Remove Breeding and Fortification Events so we can breed and build anytime we want.
  • Add unique events. Something like the Great Contest would be spectacular.
    I’m just throwing out random ideas

Please refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the table of contents.

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