Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-1)

Dragon Vs Tower Imbalances

In order for this game to function properly, the towers and dragons must be balanced. Towers cannot be too OP and neither can the dragons. Recently, some changes were made that threatens this balance, so I added this to the document. This issue is an ongoing issue and isn’t new, though. The balance problem is also related to the new tower levels that come every few months, new towers, new divine dragons and new tiers.

  1. 4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes These changes to key towers in strong bases are not absurd, but they are unreasonable.

a) Summary of the post:

  • Ice Turrets, Fire Turrets, Fire Flaks and Dark Flaks are greatly nerfed in supershot or normal attack damage while under level 50. Ice turret shielding reduced under level 50 and will no longer slow dragon attacks.
  • Ice Flak introduction - reduces hunter ammo regeneration and supershot disables spells
    i.) Reduction of hunter ammo canceled by PGPulse.

b) Dark Flak was introduced a long time ago (a year? I don’t remember exactly) and many players invested in the dark flak because it inflicted an immense amount of damage and the supershot stun helped shoot down strong dragons. As of now, the dark flak is essentially the main tower of any killer base. To nerf the dark flak is a mistake, PG, please take it back.

c) Fire Flaks are not a huge part of many player’s bases because they were not as impressive as the Dark Flak on initial release. I do see a bunch of these on higher level bases. Players invested time to plan how their base will function and be the most effective, therefore, I don’t think it is a good idea to nerf the attack and supershot damage of the fire flak either.

d) Fire Turrets have a slow wind up attack and do a good amount of damage. With this update, the damage is lowered significantly. Uh…the whole point of the slow wind up is to deal a lot of damage if the dragon can’t dodge the fireball. Many players will end up taking fire turrets out of their base is what I am seeing.
i.) No attack speed buff?
ii.) Instead fire turret frenzy runes that are difficult to obtain even for some sapphire teams (team achievements).

e) Ice Turret’s purpose is to blind fliers when in combo with the storm supershot. The shielding amount and damage was decreased just a tiny bit under level 50 so I don’t see a problem with this.

f) The ice flak is a big disappointment. The supershot has a 2 second wind up which ruins the point of the supershot. The supershot duration is only 1 second = useless and yes I know it disables ongoing spells. The damage is less than an archer tower…this requires the rarest building resource: elemental embers. Because of that this tower sucks! Don’t build them. I want a refund and I feel so bad for the guy who maxed it. Ammo regeneration debuff is a terrible idea because:
i.) Too many players have invested in hunters (breeding and divine)
ii.) Nerfing the class that requires skill takes away the fun of flying hunters - players will switch to kinnarus or Leos
iii.) Players learning how to fly hunters will give up because if they are not effective anymore, why even bother?
Thank You @PGPulse for canceling the hunter ammo regeneration debuff.
Update 4.00 Banner colouring Yay!!! Thank you PG!!

  1. Tower Balance Discussions This is what led up to the changes in the update.

  2. Revisiting "Tower Balance" This shows that there is some balance issues regarding the level 60 farms and towers. 55 towers were meant to face the Obsidian dragons not level 60 towers. Before you release a new tier, make sure that the towers are balanced as well as the rest of the game.

  3. Unwanted Dragons for a High Price in the Breeding Wall.

Solution for #4
Note: These changes is definitely not needed however it will be nice to get decent dragons for the price offered ATM. Some of these dragon die like flies vs actual bases…that is why I typed this up

• Scorchil - Change lightning resist to fire turret resist. Increase heat shield heal to 35% (similar to blazing shield).
Explanation: Seething spark and heat shield aren’t OP but they are decent. This warrior doesn’t need much improvement. However, I see scorchil have a weakness towards fire turrets because Seething Spark doesn’t stop a winding up fire turret from firing. I believe that scorchil needs more of a heal due to flak towers.
• Anapa - Change Intimidating Roar to Death Stare and change cannon resist to heat shield.
Explanation: Anapa’s artwork is one of the best in the game IMO, unfortunately he/she is trash as of now. Warriors need a way to deal a lot of damage, so death stare is a nice fit. She also needs to protect herself, so heat shield is there. Also, this step makes the heat shield research (Sapphire research) more useful.
• Mehaten - Heat shield heals 35% (similar to blazing shield) and instead of only fire turrets shots giving Mehaten solar energy through Heat Shield, fire turrets AND fire flaks give mehaten solar energy during heat shield. Empowered heat shield, Blast shield, changed to Valor Shield. (Name is just an example)
Valor Shield- Active, Blue, 2 Rage: Heals 35% of max HP instantly, all damage is reduced by 20%. Non-projectiles are inverted.
Explanation: Mehaten is a mythic and deserves to be better especially when he is always compared to hauheset. Heat shield is changed because of the change with Scorchil. Fire Flak is added to gain solar energy while using heat shield because at the time of Mehaten’s release there were no fire flaks. I’m replacing Blast Shield with Valor Shield because “empowered,” should actually make a difference. I’d say that non-projectiles being inverted is the perfect fit for Mehaten due to the capabilities of Hauheset and Apophet. Additionally, Mehaten is a warrior and needs a spell to do a lot of damage to keep him alive.
• Chompa – Change Trebuchet resist to Dark Flak Resist OR change Frozen Tomb to Ice Shock OR make thunderstorm a white spell.
Explanaton: Chompa used to be okay when Thunderstorm was blue. Now that thunderstorm is red, Chompa cannot survive against real bases. Yes, making a spell white isn’t how you make a good dragon however Chompa will die right away vs real bases.


• Avalanche – Change Trebuchet Resist to Ice Flak resist
Explanation: Avalanche’s spells are pretty much balanced IMO, now that Malefic Breath is white and was buffed recently. Only thing is trebuchet resist is useless. Once, Ice Flaks get released I think this resistance will suit Avalanche. It helps to rebalance some of the older tiers as new towers get unleashed.
• Ursa – Replace battle cry with Mystic Winds. Replace heated breath with Explosive Shield. Change dreadful roar into a passive malefic breath.
Explanation: Ursa is like a ballista right now lol. Many players have double blast runes and explosive shield runes that won’t be on future divines (not likely). Mystic Winds is a very nice warrior spell because you can block mage shots easily. Passive Malefic breath will go into effect regardless if there is a mage, so I think this works with Ursa. Ursa, therefore gains an opportunity to perform well vs defended bases.
• Gloomclaw – Change Dreadful Roar to Galvanic Overload
Explanation: Gloomclaw is okay as of now, however he only needs 1 way of poisoning towers, Malefic Breath. Dreadful Roar is overpriced for what it does tbh. Galvanic Overload is a good combo with Doom Chains and Devour Hope.


• Pyrochis – Replace archer resist with Fire Flak Resist. Increase Intimidating Roar damage.
Explanation: This dragon is meant to have 2 fire based resists. Fire Flak Resist is better than archer resist now a days. Archer resist is an older tower. Intimidating Roar’s 2 rage cost is too high for the little amount of damage it inflicts.

• Kyrule – Remove rejuvenate, instead put Rising Phoenix.
Explanation: Rejuvenate even after the buff from the rebalancing that occurred recently, doesn’t work on an emerald tier dragon. Rising Phoenix also provides a much better way of avoiding death. Rising Phoenix synergizes well with Seething Spark and Tectonic Tomb.
• Kerbos – Replace wind wall with Elemental Barrier.
Explanation: The basic tier format shows that 2 lower rarity dragon will have a spells that the higher rarity dragon uses.
a) For example, Ferrox: Yersinu: Steal Essence + Firactus: Sacrifice = Whalegnawer: Sacrifice and Steal Essence
Elemental barrier is not unique because Necryx has it. Wind wall is a poor defensive spell in Emerald tier. Even with this change, Kerbos is far from OP.
• Deci – Change Ballista Resist to Adaptive Resist
Explanation: Deci is a beautiful dragon and master of camouflaging. She already has steal essence so why not add Adaptive Resist to cover up for ballista resist?
• Xenot – Replace Dissipate with a Toggle Active Cloak variation.

  • Toggle Active Cloak - 0.3 rage per second, blue: Normal attack (hunter fireball) is permitted during the duration of this spell. Spells are disabled though. Flight speed must be slightly faster than cloak though. Cooldown.

Explanation: Dissipate is a problem on a mythic because it un-sands/vines towers and the spell cost 2 rage. Many players suggested a cloak variation before.


• Girasol – Replace Malefic Breath with a passive Malefic Breath. Make isolation do damage.
Explanation: Girasol is terrible. Part of the reason is malefic breath and lack of the ability to do damage. The changes listed help towards those problems but still do not provide a heal to work with starburn.
• Lumina – Change to Fire Turret Resist to Ice Resist
Explanation: Fire Turret resist is poor because fire turret shots are easily dodged with flash.
Either way, Noc is still the beast

Solution for the Imbalanced Towers

  1. Rebuff ALL the dark flaks, fire turrets and fire flaks. They were better before. Any necessary scaling (ice Turret) to lvl 60 towers can stay.

  2. Ice Flak - Confirm removal to the hunter ammo regeneration debuff. The duration of the supershot that cancels/disables spells temporarily is poor. Please increase the duration. (Seen in a Test Video)

a) Increase duration

b) I don’t know about this one but: additionally supershot disables passives as well…or the supershot is invisible?
i.) I See PG made a tower to counter white spells…so the wind Flak (just saying) might disable passives. I don’t want so many towers just to disable spells.

c) If this tower ends up not having enough attack power to compare with the dark flak (old), then add an effect to replace the hunter ammo regeneration debuff.

  1. Due to all this chaos, please allow players to contact support if they want to reset Ice Flaks. This includes refunding all resources used to upgrade: Timers, Elemental Embers and Lumber (in lumber packs).

Please refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the Table Of Contents.

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