Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-2)

Old/New Changes

Old/New Changes are basically game mechanics that are intending for the War Dragons in the past and don’t really work well with the Current War Dragons. Alright, this issue is one that should be taken care of every few months or so, however PG hasn’t touched on many of them since the origin. Many of this kind of issue has been worked on so, props to PG for doing that. Note that some of them are just my ideas and feel free to criticize.

  1. Rubies earned from Successful Defense or shooting down dragons.

a) Hey, we can all agree that 3 rubies is an incredibly low amount of rubies earned from a successful defense or shooting down dragons.

b) The system must be altered.
i.) Chest and xp bases will get a bunch of rubies, therefore set a max amount of rubies earned per day from successful defenses.
ii.) I am not sure if this is already in effect: Cannot earn rubies by successfully defending against the same player.
iii.) Remove Level Requirements to earn rubies - not sure if this is already implemented but I think you should earn rubies from successfully defending regardless of the level of the attacker.

c) This change will promote defending. Therefore, this is a good change especially because PG thinks that the Dark Flak was too overpowered. After they, hopefully, rebuff the flak, it still will be nerfed but not by much. This statement goes along with the Fire Turret, Fire Flak, Ice turret and Ice Flak as well.

  1. Older, More Basic Towers: Cannon, Archer, Ballista, Trebuchet

a) Archer: This is the first tower you will be able to build and also is the simplest, supershot increases damage. The “useful,” towers are now mostly elemental, aside from countering Necryx’s elemental barrier. Since, the archer is a projectile, doesn’t have a useful supershot and does moderate damage, this tower is avoided. They only came back because of the Elemental Barrier spell. Instead of “balancing” the complicated elemental-mostly non-projectile towers, buff or change the basic-projectile towers.

i.) Increase damage of the supershot - still should be lower than elemental tower damage because those towers cost special shards to level up.

ii.) OR Increase range so that it can shoot from a farther distance than a lightning tower. Players can place these to ambush attackers.

b) Cannon: This is another very basic tower, the second one unlocked. Cannon’s supershot is to break shields. The cannon’s only purpose was to break elemental barrier on many bases. I want this tower to get rebalanced and suitable for the Current War Dragons.

i.) Increase damage of the normal attack.

ii.) Supershot destroys any shield currently active on hit.

  • In addition to that, destroy all other defensive spells. This includes rejuvenate, cloak, timeshift, healing mark (casted not used), consume, etc.

  • However, to keep wind wall and reverse projectiles useful, this supershot will not destroy wind wall or reverse projectiles.

  • Increase damage of the supershot.

  • CANNOT be dodged by cloak, timeshift, etc. This means if a mid-air cannon supershot attacks you, cloak/timeshift will NOT make it dissolve. Cannon shots can fire during cloak/timeshift.

c) Trebuchet: The trebuchet’s supershot implies a stun to the dragon. The supershot is not bad, however the dark flak obliterated the purpose of this tower since trebs don’t provide a desired damage rate. To put this tower back on player’s bases do the following:

i.) Increase stun duration to 3 seconds. Currently it is 1 second.
ii.) Add more research/runes for trebuchet stun duration. Players will build this for the long stun. That is what differs from the dark flak stun.
iii.) Increase damage on the trebuchet normal attack.

d) Ballista: This tower was trash from the start. Various changes were applied to this tower but non seemed to improve the ballista. I’m gonna throw out another ballista fix lol

i.) Normal attack: For every hit inflict more damage

  • 10% of dragon HP for the first hit
  • 20% of dragon HP for the second hit
  • 35% of dragon HP for the third and fourth hits
  • On the 5th hit, dragon instantly dies.
    ii.) No supershot
    iii.) Once destroyed gain +1 supershot if defending
  1. Spells: Spell Flux, Steal Essence, Summon Passives

a) Update spell flux’s priority order to go along with all the new towers.

  • Red mage
  • Blue mage
  • Storm
  • Dark Flak
  • Other attacking towers
  • Farms
  • ballista, treb

b) Steal Essence: Update the spells so that this spell can be more useful.

  • Cannon - Stoneform (lets be honest, stoneskin shield sucks)
  • Red Mage - new spell that can invert flaks
    Reverse Projectiles is kinda useless because all the towers are elemental.
  • Ice Flak - Please don’t duplicate freeze. Do something different. Ice flak gives you death gaze.
  • Perch - Add this one?
  • Lumber Mill - Shouldn’t be Cure Poison
  1. Early Game Quests: Add more of these and change the prizes so they are actually usable. Definitely increase the rubies lol

  2. Update the research hut corresponding to the new towers, levels, divines, new spells, etc.

  3. Increase rewards for prizes dropped in attacks from boats, statues, huts, trees, etc.
    Maybe add something else to bases that is destructible.
    i.) More gold chest drops
    ii.) Higher bronze chest drop rate (to accomadate for the more expensive divines and tiers)
    iii.) Add rubies? Egg Tokens?
    iiii.) Remove useless Spell consumables, HP/ATK Boosts and Silver Chests.

  4. Add more consumable spells in the forge. This results in more forge levels. Spells I would like to see:

  • Sacrifice
  • New Tower Resists
  • Spell Flux
  • Nocturnal Fissure
  • Invert Non-Projectiles
  • Earthquake
  • Consume (only for hunters)
  1. Ryuu Scaling (Spells & Attack power) or Play around with the 20 dragons shot down prize in the shrine.
    Prizes Proposed:
  • 100 Rubies
  • 10 Hammers
  • Special Consumable Spells
  • Sigils
  • Energy Pack or Inner fire x1
  • Let us choose?
  • Rotate Prizes or Ryuu Spells?

Please refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the table of contents.


One objection, active defense is already OP. Nothing for active defense needs to be buffed.

True makes sense…

I can see a possible exploit. You have like a group of 10, each trade attacks for rubies. Basically PG will lose a bunch of freebies if they do it this way

Could become a “strategy,” but then what is the point of having 3 rubies from 1 successful defense. The point of this is to defeat the base NOT lose. Just because people get a bit more rubies from something that is (currently) outdated doesn’t mean PG can’t do it.

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So basically keep the old system, but raise the rubies per successful defense

Basically yes! Only difference is there is cap per day and removal of level requirements.

Dont know that i agree with everything here, especially since pg surely has a list of higher priority issues theyre dealing with atm, but i definitely agree that something should be done to stop players from making bases full of elemental towers. This has made all the other towers obsolete and leaves little variety. Im not sure if the suggested fixes are the correct ones but anything that makes all towers usable at higher levels would be a great idea. We also have this issue with the dragons. I know theyve been trying different things to make dragons other than hunters usable at higher levels but it hasnt worked so far. One last thing id like to add is the water dragon. It is useless at higher levels. I would say, either level it to just above a players highest dragon at time of summoning, or eliminate once a players dragons surpass it in power. Even if we have to level it ourselves, it would at least make it usable.

Look at the Table of Contents of this posted at the bottom of this post for the more important issues

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