Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-3)

Research Fixes
The research hut is outdated because the buffs gained from the research hut haven’t been updated recently. The cost for the items as well as a new tier of research (sapphire) have been added recently. The forum post link of this is in the old forums. This needs tweaking.
Note: Keep in mind, I am not a good photo-shopper or photo editor.

Something like the image above can be done to organize the research trees a bit. Just like seasonal dragon branches have been reorganized, research should be reorganized. It is annoying when I want to find a specific research item and I have to scroll left and right in the long long branches. (Currently 8 research tiers)

Inside the Tabs
Some items are merged due to space. The # in the () shows how many items are required for the row in order to move on to the next row. After all rows are have met their requirement, the user is permitted to move to the next tier of research. Of course extra eggs are still the currency.

Red Tier Research

  • Red Research Eggs are very cheap at only 20 tokens per egg.
  • Since archer and cannons are the main tower at this level of game, nothing needs to be added for the towers.
  • Divines are not yet unlocked at this level, so nothing needs to be changed for divines.
  • Add +20% Dragon Healing Speed. Costs: 30 Red Eggs

Purple Tier Research

  • Change the +1s evasion spell duration to +1s invincibility shield duration. Lower cost by 15 Purple Eggs.(40-25)
  • Change +4% Ballista damage to +4% Cannon and Archer damage. Lower cost by 10 Purple Eggs. (45-35)
  • Lower the cost of +4% Sorcerer Dragon Damage by 30 Purple Eggs. (70-40)
  • Increase Cannon Supershot Projectile Speed to +100% and Cannon Supershot Damage to +20%. Increase cost by 15 Purple Eggs. (25-40)
  • Change +5% Dragon Healing Speed to +5% Rage Generation. Increase cost if needed.

Blue Tier Research

  • Change “Gale Force Barriers,” to +4% Blue Mage HP and +4% Storm HP. (Originally +4% Ballista HP)
  • Change “Heightened Toxicity,” to +4% Rage Generation.
  • Change “Enhanced Ballista Resistance,” to +5% Construction Speed. Decrease cost by 10 Blue Eggs. (30-20)
  • Change +5% Dragon Healing Speed to +10% Chest Drop Rate. Increase Cost to necessary demands.
  • Change “Weighted Ammunition,” to +4% Archer Damage and +0.5s Storm Protective Shield. (Originally +4% Storm Damage). Increase cost to 30 Blue Eggs.
  • Change “Cure Poison spell will additionally heal the dragon,” to “Wind Wall deflects Red Mage shots.” Increase cost by 10 Blue Eggs. (50-60)
  • Add simultaneous forging (2 items at once!) Costs: 100 Blue Eggs
    This must be on a side branch and not required to advanced.

Orange Tier Research

  • Change +1s Invert Duration to +1s Reverse Projectiles Spell Duration.
  • Change +20% Fireball Spell Damage to +1 thunderbolt bounce & +30% Fireball Spell Damage. Increase cost by 40 Orange Eggs. (40-80)
  • Change +5% Dragon Healing Speed to +15% Ice Turret HP Shield. Increase cost by 8 Orange Eggs (7-`15)
  • Change +15% Battle Cry Spell Damage to +1s Northern Light Spell Duration.
  • Add -0.5s Fire Turret wind-up time & +4% Fire Turret Damage.
  • Add +5% Fire Flak and Ice Flak damage. Costs: 50 Orange Eggs

Green Research

  • Change “Galvanized Beams,” to +4% Ice Turret HP and +4% Trebuchet HP (Originally +4% Lightning Tower HP).
  • Change +2.0s Wind Wall Spell Duration to -10% Forging Time.
  • Change +5% Dragon Healing Speed to +2s Earthquake Duration. Increase cost by 5 Green Eggs (4-9)
  • Change +2s Vampiric Touch Spell Duration to +10% Heal from the Healing Mark Spell. Reduce cost by 5 Green Eggs (20-15)
  • Change “Spiked Mortars,” to +8% Trebuchet Damage. Reduce cost by 5 Green Eggs. (20-15)
  • Change “Multilayered Coils,” to +4% Lightning tower damage. Reduce cost by 10 Green Eggs (15-5)
  • Reduce the cost of “Super Charged Generators,” by 15 Green Eggs. (30-15)
  • Reduce the cost of “Hunter Fury,” and “Sorcerer Fury,” by 15 Green Eggs each. (35-20)
  • Create a connection of branches to the defensive items and the dragon items in green research.
  • Add +5% Chest Drop Rate.

Gold Research

  • Create a choice for “Sorcerer Wrath.” Second option add: +4% Hunter Damage. Decrease cost by 15 Gold Eggs. (25-10)
  • Change +3s Poison Duration to +4% Dark Flak Tower HP and +0.5s Trebuchet Stun Duration. Swap this with “Endless Arsenal,” location.
  • Change +6% Dragon Damage while Poisoned to +4% Dragon damage. Decrease cost by 25 Gold Eggs. (50-25)
  • Change +7% Damage to Dragon when Poisoned to +5% Construction & Upgrade Speed.
  • Add x2 Egg Tokens earned from missions as a connection between the top branch and bottom branch of gold research. Costs: 50 Gold Eggs
  • Add +5% Ice Flak damage and +1.5s Fire Flak Super-shot duration.

Platinum Research

  • Change “Suffocating Flames,” to +5% Construction Speed. Reduce cost by 5 Platinum Eggs. (15-10)
  • Change +5% Fire Turret Damage to +5% Fire Turret Damage AND +30% Fire Flak Explosion Damage.
  • Add “Enhanced Galvanic Overload.” +20% Galvanic Overload Damage. Cost: 15 Platinum Eggs
  • Add 2x Egg Tokens earned from the RIGHT mission. Costs: 30 Platinum Eggs
  • Replace “Shadow Healing,” with -1s Cooldown to ALL spells (spells with 1s cooldown or less will be cut in half).

Sapphire Research

  • Change +5% Warrior Dragon HP to +5% Warrior Dragon Damage. Decrease cost by 10 Sapphire Eggs. (25-15)
  • Decrease cost of +2s Nocturnal Fissure Spell Duration by 10 Sapphire Eggs.
  • Decrease cost of “Enhanced Heat Shield,” by 15 Sapphire Eggs.
  • Add +15% Hammer Defense Boost Healing of Tower HP. Cost: 15 Sapphire Eggs

Many of the changes are implemented assuming that Ballistas will NOT be buffed, Ice Flaks will be changed, Garnet Research is coming, more tiers are coming and to eliminate useless stuff or severely overpriced research. The most recent research update was when Sapphire was introduced and PG reduced the costs of many items in green, gold, platinum and Sapphire. If you want to know why I changed a specific research item, just ask. Please refer to the Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the Table of Contents.

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Shadow healing doesn’t work either…
says up to 15% of your health… even with 3-4 cloak runes and glyphs you never get anywhere near 15%.


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