Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2)

Recent Activities by PG

  1. Harbinger Tier – 95% of the community doesn’t care because it is a tier so far out of their current reach.

a) Players at the top tier will have to spend to stay at the top and grind out tons of xp.

  1. 4.00 Update – fix airplane mode

a) Finally!!! Hope airplane mode is actually fixed.

  1. Bunch of Atlas Updates

a) Don’t have much to say about this

  1. Winter Divines: Gladicus, Neptus, Kayla release

a) Gladicus = not good

b) Neptus = only the spenders care Definitely possible to get the mythic F2P but very, very rare.

c) Kayla = disappointment compared to Grogg; more of an xp boost. Okay.

  1. Atlas release to Sapphire 2

  2. Team Achievements

a) Extra prizes!!

b) Same format as achievement prizes.

c) Terrible way to obtain Ochre’s evolution stones.

d) Some prizes too difficult to achieve but I get that because those are top prizes.
7. Ochre

a) Gold tier+ players don’t care

b) Blue under players don’t care

c) Not a good dragon anyways. Evolution stones difficult to obtain because method depends on the team performance.
8. Add rune dust to team achievements.

a) Yay! I needed more of that.

  1. New Tower Levels (60)

a) Seriously?

  1. New farm Levels (60)

a) Let's talk about new farm levels and what it means

b) Initially, scaled incorrectly. 10a) Production Tower Scaling and Tower Rebalancing

c) Imagine lvl 70 farms. Death Gaze from ember, what I thought 1-shots ALL towers will take 4 shots to kill these farms. These farms is what is truly OP. If your intent is to force players to buy Neptus, we are done for it.

  1. Balance Changes
    Upcoming Balance Changes

a) Nice changes to help balance the game a bit!

b) Thunderstorm changed to red is the only negative change. Sage’s thunderstorm is now white and does less damage.

c) Ballistas OP now? Nope.

  1. Flying Forum Contest

a) That was fun!

  1. Poll on potential modifications to Fire Turrets, Fire Flaks and Dark Flaks.

a) I’m against these because the changes potentially may screw up my base.

  1. Runic Chests replacing silver chests occurrence on December 17th and in January 2018.

  2. Version 3.80 Release Notes Update 3.80

a) Mostly atlas changes, few teams have atlas compared to those who don’t

b) Moved swap button
i.) Not necessary; people complain about the location no matter where the swap button is placed.

b) Fixed Team Meeting Hall – searchable diamond teams
i.) Before this, I managed to find diamond teams through the “top teams.”

c) Atlas bug fixes and improvements
i.) I don’t have access to atlas. Meh.

  1. Added Winter Theme

  2. Ice Flak Introduction Planned during next Fort Event (1/31)

a) Hunter nerf…seriously. I’m outraged PG did this.
i.) Slows ammo regeneration

b) Elemental Ember usage
i.) Eh, too me it doesn’t matter what is used. People have overloads of ice shards but that’s the problem. Players will instantly max it…way too easy.

I’d prefer you guys (PG) work on some of the major issues. I know PGCoffee pointed out that he’s working on new runes already, in a live stream before. Don’t get me wrong, bug fixes, atlas, winter theme and many of the things you’ve been doing are cool. However, major issues are still left untouched.

Please refer to Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents) for the table of contents.


I’ve actually read all of both posts and I agree with about 15% of your posts. Most of it is whining because this isn’t as easy as Candy Crush.

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Explain what you don’t agree with. I’m not complaining about the difficulty of reaching different tiers (sapphire wall+)
I personally, don’t mind:

  • Expensive Dragons
  • Long Level Up Times
  • Runic Chests
    Those are dealing with progress. Farther you get into the game, it should get more difficult.
    You get the point…

I am not doing this so I can level up quicker and breed dragons more easily and faster. These are widespread issues that I didn’t make up…

Many of them are perceived issues by people that can’t stand a challenge.

Personally, I think they need to increase breeding costs and increase tower levels yet again and increase the amount of timers it takes.

:man_facepalming: Now what does PG do? Are u trolling…coz too me, you make no sense lol
Always someone who disagrees with everything

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The current end game has been far too easy and it’s what creates the gap. It’s unrealistic for PG to just not make new things for people to chase, but they gotta really make them hard as fuck to achieve.

And I’ve never trolled a day in my life. Not even one. I’m insulted you’d even suggest I have!

This is half-true IMO. The breeding wall is one of those…however it’s dumb to have mythics costing 220k in sapphire. Solution of the breeding wall that can’t be achieved bc no matter what happens everyone complains :roll_eyes:
Again, I’m not saying this because I wanna get to garnet faster…

Something is always their for people to chase…what do u want? 30 Tiers?? The tier system needs to balanced

One note: the swap button change was a huge help. I had been accidentally hitting it every single day, but now, I have not hit it once accidentally since the change. It was a simple fix that made a big difference.

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