Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Table of Contents)

Hey WD Community and PG,

Please note that majority of the following is NOT my work. Thank you to all that put so much effort into helping balance WD. Honestly, this game has come a long way, from WD’s initial launch to the year 2018. 2018 may be the last year of War Dragons for various reasons, problems, and issues. This game enhances many player’s days and connects thousands of players around the globe. If you don’t enjoy playing the game, why are you playing?

Current War Dragons & Request was written to rectify these problems, AGAIN…to cause change, even in the very little chances we may have, according to the past. Therefore, we the players of War Dragons ask for the following changes to be made, politely to PG, in another attempt to establish balance in this game.

I will only state the necessary changes in this document (keep out “nice to have,” “idea not revolving around the central topic,” and “just for fun,” posts) and I don’t think we are asking too much, because these issues have been around for years. The general ideology is “nothing is going to change,” “PG is already aware but won’t do anything,” and I strongly agree with these comments. In contrast, I made this document to initiate something new and hopefully put these solutions into effect. You never know what will happen. Either way, I present to: The Table Of Contents.

Section 1: Problems + Solutions
1…Expensive Tower Level-up Time for Top Tier Players Exceeding the Limits
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-1)
2…Breeding Progression: Sapphire, Garnet and Emerald Walls / Xp & Incubation Time Issues
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-2)
3…Glitches, Dealing w/ Hackers & Ban System
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-3)
4…Runes (New Runes for new spells, Glyphs & More)
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-4)
5…Redundant Event Cycle & Endless Divine Seasons (Repetitive Issues)
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-5)

Section 2: Current Activities by PG & Thoughts Towards those Activities
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2)
1…Dragon Vs Tower Imbalances
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-1)
2…Old/New Game Changes
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-2)
3…Research Fixes
Forum Post Link: Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-3)

I see more players leaving the game than new players joining the game. Now it is manifest that War Dragons is dying. WD has connected many players for a few years and created many friendships and memories.

By the way…I understand that it is difficult to run such a complicated game and the limitations of rules but many of these problems are old. I don’t think we, the players of War Dragons are asking too much. Sorry for any English grammar mistakes and sounding negative. I love the concept of this game and I’m sure there are many like me, who don’t want this game to shut down. Why are we playing if we don’t enjoy the game?

Happy Flying…



Sooo I’m going to be the first to admit I didn’t read all that bc I view forums on mobile, but! I did want to commend you on the amount of time and effort you put on your post! If I could request a TL;DR/Table of Contents at the beginning, that would be great bc then someone could come in, see a topic that they feel strongly about, scroll down to that topic and then read. Right now, I have no idea what the last 3/4s of your post is covering bc I have a 30 second attention span. A table of contents or outline could peak my interest about a certain topic, while at the same time letting me know what the parts I didn’t read are about. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


Wow man.

Props on pulling a lot of ideas from many sources together into one piece that reads fairly well. You spent a lot of time, I commend you. I wish PG would spend as much time thinking about and acting on the game as its players.

The friendships are the only reason I’m still playing. And even those are going away as the people I’ve been among with for years are all quitting.

Given up, or stopped caring? As long a people keep giving them money, the game is something to keep around.

I think you answered your own question. No.

Death, slowly at first, started about 6 months ago. It will increase in its decay rate. Then you will. Try to connect and the server won’t be found. It ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

I hope I am wrong, but the last 18 months gives me no reason to think I am.

I’ll claim my Bitter-Vet achievement badge now, before the shop is closed.


Ok. If you want any mileage out of this:

  1. split the “problems” into separate posts. Pg has stated previously they dont really respond to “list all” posts.

  2. You are mixing valid points and opinions. Eg stating no one wanted a new tier is blatantly wrong. It dilutes the quality of your other valid arguments.

  3. Comparing things to the good old days is pointless. It has recollection bias and serves little purpose.

  4. Coming at things with statements like pg doesnt care etc won’t endear you nor get much positive response.

  5. Commenting on things like atlas doesn’t work in this context. Atlas has seen wide scale community input and constant to-and-fro with the Development team. Its pretty much what we all wish the interaction for the main game would be like.

So kudos on a lot of work done, but probably redo most and abide by the above and you will get more traction.


Kudos for sure. Good synopsis but changing how you say it or breaking it up wont help imo. PG is well aware of how we (the majority of us forum regulars) feel, its all been said many many times. We arent the ones who account for most of their revenue though, those ppl for the most part dont come here and complain or try to offer suggestions, they just sit back and spend.

Tldr - nothing will change


GOX has good suggestions, but all of these items already have their own threads.

Yes, there was some opinion here, but really, the authors appears to have created a digest of some VERY LONG threads into a single post.

This kind of list does serve a purpose, especially when the individual threads already exist and are being ignored.


He did a good job of collecting them, but pg specifically stated previously “shopping list” posts in general are ignored by them.

So not judging, would just be a waste to have all the effort go to naught

I 100% agree with you. But PG is already ignoring the threads that are out there.

So, what is the point of following the guidelines on “shopping lists”?

They ignore you if you follow their rules, they ignore you if you don’t.


You have to bribe them with pets and/or memes - bonus points for both :smiley:

/gets a box of Tribbles to ship as “pets” to PG headquarters./

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N-1 Scaling for all!


I think N-1 scaling is the answer. Maybe we could all start commenting N-1 on All threads. Surely PG would get tired after a while lol


N-1 will be my answer for everything now.

I should really write up what this looks like in case some are not sure what I am talking about. #FREETIME

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Ok. Table of Contents would be a good idea. I knew you guys would say that this is a long post and should be broken into several threads.

Table of Contents will have links to the different threads. 99% sure PG will ignore but hey you never know…

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Table of Contest is now completed. Separated posts have been created. I deleted the section on Atlas because I agree with Gox’s comment. I replaced the “no one cares,” statements because those are useless in arguments like this one. I revised the intro and Finale.

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Wow, that’s a lot of work. Sad that no one will ever read it (@PG I mean).


They’re ignoring the threads out there? That is plainly false as PG has currently made several changes to new release items.

Communicate with accuracy and integrity. Stop the fake fucking news already.

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Ok, they’re ignoring the threads that don’t have comments from the whales.

Better now?


By ignore, I mean providing no meaningful response.

“Great ideas. The team is in discussion about this now, but I can’t say anything more.” Followed by nothing is the same, in effect, as ignoring.

I don’t mean every idea proposed by the players needs to be responded to or adopted. But the issue of balance and scaling has been a player concern for two years. PG has responded with more of the same.

If that is not ignoring, please tell me what is so that I do not incorrectly use this word.


Every time a PG employee responds with “Great idea! I’ll bring it to the devs so that your opinion can be heard,” we rarely get a response back. The kind of response I’d like to see come back from the devs themselves are:

  • Why did they decide to implement the change or why not?
  • A general ETA (not precise coz you know what happened with the release of neptus?)
  • Some opinions from the dev team/PG employee on the topic.

Not saying that PG is lying to us, but I don’t really believe that they actually showed the proposal to the dev team.

Quick Question: Can we get a detailed response of the top 3 most liked posts from the dev team about why or why not they will be imposing a change suggested by the community? I think we had something like this before in the old forums. These must be targeted towards a single issue and not a big list like this post…