Detecting Airplane Mode


@pgCampusLifer I realize that you’re more focused on the back end/log analysis of application security, but I’m hoping you could work with the application developers to add logging to detect and log the use of airplane mode during an attack or defense.

The following links demonstrate how to detect airplane mode in iOS and android –

Periodically during an attack or defence and/or after bringing up a network connectivity warning, the state of airplane mode could be detected, and then saved into a variable to be transmitted to PG as part of the finalization of the attack/defense. That value could then be logged, and taken into account during your investigation of reports of cheating.

Thanks for all you do to make WD a game where playing well means more than cheating.


Hi. I’m very aware of this issue. I bring it up with the team every time we plan priorities.

I don’t think I’m personally the right person to fix this. While you could classify it as a “security” problem, it’s a totally different part of our codebase than the part I’m familiar with. Airplane mode exploit is in the middle of our networking layer and real-time battle code. If I personally tried to fix this, it probably would take me 1-2 months of reading code to even understand the system, and then another month or two to code up a change and put together QA & networking tests to make sure I didn’t break our entire networking layer :stuck_out_tongue: In contrast, there’s other engineers on our team who work on this part of the codebase on a daily basis. Currently every week I can currently close 1-2 security holes which are along the lines of “Give myself 200 consumables with zero forge time”… Maybe at some point we could decide “it’s better for CL to spend 4 months closing airplane mode exploit instead of 32 gamestate-related security issues” but right now specifically seems like a mistake when we have people constantly pinging me about things like “why does this base have 6 farms on it” or “how did this guy get to level 200 in two days” (which I’m uniquely trained to fix most quickly)


If i buy you a whip can you use it to motivate those other programmers you mentioned? Or perhaps a case of beer? whatever motivates them!!! :slight_smile:


@pgCampusLifer I totally understand that this isn’t your area of expertise, but you’re the guy who’s responsive and informed on the forums, so your competence is your own punishment :slight_smile:

Is there someone else to whom we should be directing our questions? I’ve submitted screenshots and support tickets with as much information as I have, but I’m eager to do more to help if I can.

Ensuring the integrity and fairness of battles seems it should be among the highest of priorities in War Dragons, since it’s the primary game mechanic. It’s a shame that a few bad actors have found ways to exploit the system unfairly, instead of building their team strategy and personal skill to achieve victory.


@pgCampusLifer I want to bring in a new perspective on this issue as a team currently fighting a revenge-war against multiple teams. I am totally with people who are struggling with actual cheaters, but I cannot fathom users making false claims towards perfectly innocent people. I am from diamond II league team Valacas and I had few teams in the league making false accusations and insults towards me and my teammates. Although I was offended, I tried to reason out why their claims are nonsensical but due to their challenged reading comprehension ability, I had to bring this to more intellectual audience.

Let me share how it is actually like to face an airplane mode to start. We have faced teams that repeatedly abused the airplane mode hack. Although we have defeat them, it always was a close match, maybe like a point or two difference in defense. IF we used AP as many are currently claiming, team like us would not even consider a fidget with newbies a war since we can crush these teams instantly with our strategies without dirty cheats.

(why would we ever lose a war if there’s a cheat that can nullify defense)

We are in different timezone than most of the teams in Diamond II league, but still our defense is excellent and I believe that may have initiated false accusations. We would gladly take those alleged claims as compliment for our impeccable warring techniques, but I cannot let go of foolish mobs framing us in league chats for the sake of comforting their insecurities and insufficiencies. If any of the claims are made, I demand evidence and reasoning behind those claims to be brought publicly to PG management team to review system logs and prove our innocence. If there is any violation of code of conduct through inspection, we will remove the according player. However further slandering, personal attacks and threats will not be taken kindly.


Hi. I definitely understand this issue is a plague on the game. Especially at the higher levels of competition it’s causing major problems. I continue to push the team to prioritize this project.


Well JoyBerry-

Since you want to bring your crying public -

Why not mention that your team sent a full on wave 2 mins prior to wars starting, and then declaring after sending the wave?

Is that not an exploit of cheating?? @pgCampusLifer

You want to point fingers - but yet YOUR TEAM CHEATED :thinking:


Not to mention @JoyBerry

That your team FARMED us all day testing our bases …

We have SS of those too deary :kissing_closed_eyes:

So you demand it be brought to the light - we do too, for your cheating!

Now @pgCampusLifer this has all been reported to PG :woman_shrugging:t2:


Get over it. Lots of teams do/did the early attack thing. It is hardly cheating. In fact it is fairly standard and them doing it does not excuse the messages you send them in return.

Besides, with this new update apparently they wont be able to do it again.


@MikesGoN2GetU we were over it - until Joy wanted to bring it to the public forums pointing fingers


Whats the time stamp thing for?



It shows the start time of when the war was declared. This is as-recorded by the server itself. PG knows when each of the runs started (we do too). Twenty or so of their runs started prior to their even declaring.

And, yes this isn’t new but PG does consider it an exploit. They got almost half their runs in undefended as a result. Many use the “declare at the last minute” tactic. But this is the first time I personally have seen attacks first and then a declare shortly after. We aren’t stupid. We keep defenders on for last minute war ages but usually the declare come first so you’re ready.

So, if you’re going to whine about cheating (Joy) that you can’t prove (because we absolutely do not use airplane mode), then you better be ready for the truth to come out.


But doing that is normal. I guess i just dont see what the issue is here. You should have been defending all attacks that came within the 3 minutes leading up to war. Anyways again it is about to be a moot point since apparently that is now fixed.

And why share the SS of O3Bamf being hit by Valacas? what does that have to do with anything?

Regardless this is all besides the point of the topic. All these recent posts are showing is that Valacas did an early attack and NewGenesis got mad and started sending nasty emails.

NewGenesis is right in that this in not needed on a public forum.


They saw a wave but no war declaration Mike. Read the posts again and you’ll see. So they didn’t defend some until they figured it out.

If this is correct there are some clever but dishonourable players on that team that’s for sure!


I guess i am just use to seeing that.



I showed the screenshots Bc VALACAS spent all day yesterday hitting us and our bases … before even declaring … basically testing out our bases


(Fulfilling 10 character requirement)


Plus @MikesGoN2GetU

We did defend - once we figured it out, but NONE of our defenses counted and they posted 101 flames at start of war


Well that makes sense… when we see that we take it as a hint they are thinking of declaring.