Determine this thread, nothing was fixed


Requesting thread be deleted as the unedited screencaps we’re never posted, those in game we’re too afraid to come forward due to the reputation and threats of Aria and Creator faction member and farming and bullying in game that was never addressed, nor the real story ever told.


Thanks for the heads up - we take all reports of inappropriate behavior seriously.

We took the time to implement an in-game “report chat abuse” function. Please report inappropriate chats using the available chat reporting tool (by tapping on the player’s name in the chat interface) so that we have an internal record of the chat, as opposed to just a screenshot.

You can always report a player from the chat by doing the following:

  1. Tap on their name in the world or team chat
  2. Tap on the “Report” icon below the “Gift” icon
  3. Tap on the “Report and Block” button
  4. Select the type of abusive behavior and tap on the background
  5. Then enter a description and tap on “Report Abuse”

This will automatically block the player and report his or her violation. Thanks for helping us keep a safe and fun community!


Not that this helps much during the time you’re being bullied, but I think the leagues shuffle every so often (weekly?) to help with issues like these. If a team is being … terrible, it’s only a few more days until the next switcheroo


Name and shame the team here!


No use posting here since this thread is proof as how people are protected in the creators faction and are allowed bad behavior in game and excused for it. Reports did literally nothing to stop any racism, any vile language reports, any mail threats and anything else that shouldn’t come from someone trying to represent an “upstanding” community. Post the unedited screen caps please and tell the real story, as I wasnt the only one involved nor was the one that started the insanity that night Lol.


Why did you do such weird pictures? If I was to take photos of my screen I would at least get it as straight as possible… Those are not screenshots but screen pictures. I hope you learned how to make actual screenshots now… Unless you can’t at all due to a material defect I don’t know about…

You have my sympathy for what you experienced in LC, unfortunately I don’t see conclusive evidence of their bullying so far. The leader does seem belligerent and unrespectful towards his teammates but it doesn’t prove much… Sorry, there’s not enough material or evidence to make a constructive comment from what we see now on forum, and I am completely neutral towards any party represented here.


Being rude is not the same as bullying and harassment. Yes, farming is not something supported by the game but simply having a poor attitude and rude mouth doesn’t constitute harassment.

When I hear bullying/harassment I think of something extreme like threats of physical violence or emotional abuse. The screenshots you posted don’t come close to that, it is simply someone who is less than polite.

Don’t screenshot someome talking, don’t keep asking PG to pull chat logs (I don’t know if you understand how much work that would be). Do as pgCampusLifer requested and use the Report and Block button. That will send the statement directly to PG and Block the player from interacting with you.

Below are screenshots of the Report and Block buttons used in game chat so you know what they look like.

Hope things work out for you. :blush:



First off, you are posting pictures that wasn’t even the start of this whole mess in the first place. I’ve seen the chat, I’ve also seen screenshots from the beginning of what all happened and where the whole racist comments came from and it wasn’t Aria. Btw, where are these racist screenshots? You must have them correct? Probably not cause they don’t exist. You guys started drama and now you are paying the price. Your team is just as much at fault for trash talking as Aria is! So please take off your Halo, And stop trying to ruin reputations and calling them Farmers when you farm lvl 15 people cause you also see them as bullies! Out here in public badgering other teams cause you started something you wasn’t prepared for.


Seriously, this is supposed to be evidence of bullying? Who is Tony supposedly bullying here, his own teammates for screwing up a wave? To call this bullying is absurd. You should come to D1 LC for an eye opening experience haha.

Also, can someone tell me where this meme started that farming people (which has no objective definition) is somehow not allowed or that PG will act on reports of it? I don’t repeatedly hit people unless they are holding RSS so it’s not like I am self-interested in this but this seems to be a new thing that hitting people in a war game can be bullying.


PG, I got an idea! Make a PvE server and name is “Friendly Dragons” and have these whiners play vs AI bases or a single mode game since they can’t handle having their base attacked. How is this bothering you? A higher level is hitting you and getting nothing out of it? How does that affect you in any type of way? ZZZzzz




Hahah “Let’s all war Aria” says the lowest level player on the team, then acts a victim! I love this game. :slight_smile: I’m gonna visit that 85 base rofl :slight_smile:


So, it sounds to me that you tried to bully someone and it failed and you cant take being bullied? Just. Wow.

This thread delivers ALL the laughs…


From @SoopaVillainXp’s pictures, it looks like aria was defending languages other than English in LC:
Then you, of all people, accuse them of being racist, escalating the whole thing:

Then, come on the forums, claiming bullying, racism, and a bunch of other crap… I think I found my new egg mission base. :man_shrugging:t3:


someone else who seen the whole thing unfold. Just more evidence of the false information giving out.


Glad you kept screenshots Soopa! Good thinking! :+1:


Thanks for clearing that up. Obviously the OP is confused.

I don’t know why everyone seems to feel that their language is superior. I have been seeing this argument much more often lately. It’s a global game, all languages are acceptable. Smdh


Np, this is my first time ever posting in the forums. People are probably like who the fuck is this guy lol.


If yall havent yet, I would direct his team leadership to this thread. He prolly should be looking for a new team, cause wow…

Edit, especially since it has the screenshots of what started it all, a nobody sticking his nose in somewhere where it didnt belong… just my opinion, which is worth zilch.


Well Mars, the gigs up - want to explain yourself?

Looks like rocknrola and hanzthehanz should be the target of your ire (if you are as passionate about stomping out racism as you claim).