Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues

Hi everyone,

As many of you are aware, the Springveil Season and Dragon Training event that launched yesterday brought a few unintended issues to the game. We have an update on all of these reports that have come in over the past 24 hours to provide you with the latest from our development team.

If any new developments arise, we will be sure to update this post for awareness!

1 - Inflated Sigil Costs / Overcharged Sigils

What Happened: Players going to redeem season prizes were overcharged for the sigils needed for a specific prize, resulting in a lower-than-expected amount of remaining sigils.

What’s the Latest: All affected players rightfully deserve the sigils that should not have been spent returned to them. In an effort to return these sigils, our support team will be handling these cases and issuing the difference in sigils as necessary. If you believe you are affected by this, please message our support team so they may investigate your account and credit your sigils when applicable.

We don’t currently have an ETA for a fix to this issue, but all teams (development and support) are aware and working on a resolution. In the meantime, please reach out to support if you are affected.

2 - Rollback Issues

What Happened: Players performing specific actions in the game, including redeeming chests or claiming season prizes, experienced rollbacks to their account over the past 24 hours. Once rolled back, a player’s account had these chests or sigils returned to them that were opened or spent.

In the case of food (for example, if you fed your dragon and your account was rolled back), the food that was used will be returned to your account. However, your food could have been lost through raiding during the Dragon Training event or because your food storage was already at max capacity.

What’s the Latest: All rollback issues have now been fixed. Players have received all of the items that were used during the rollback (chests or sigils spent), as noted in an example below.

We have done a thorough investigation of accounts that were mentioned in the thread where players gave PGJared ticket numbers to look into. Here is the results of one of these investigations.

Case 1: Omnipresence

To start the season, they began with 0 sigils as everyone else did.

  • At 2:22 pm on 3/7, user claimed the 1K event prize and received 25 sigils bringing the total to 25.
  • At 2:23 pm on 3/7, user claimed the 2.5K event prize and received 25 more sigils bringing their total to 50.
  • At 2:23 pm on 3/7, user claimed the 6K event prize and received 50 more sigils bringing their total to 100.
  • At 2:23 pm on 3/7, user claimed the 20K event prize and received 100 more sigils bringing their total to 200.
  • At 2:23 pm on 3/7, user spent 50 sigils on the first prize of Aibrean’s branch bringing their total to 150.
  • At 2:23 pm on 3/7, user spent 100 sigils on the first prize of Nollaig’s branch bringing their total to 50.

Sync Error occurred here - User attempted to open 12 gold chests, but all 12 were returned to their account. User reports at 2:50 pm PT to support that they faced a rollback.

  • At 2:29 pm on 3/7, user spent 50 sigils on the 2nd prize of Aibrean’s branch bringing their total to 0.
  • At 8:07pm on 3/7, user claimed 225 sigils that users were credited bringing their total to 225.
  • At 8:08pm on 3/7, user spent 200 sigils on 4 awards in the Aibrean branch bringing their total to 25.
  • At 8:23pm on 3/7, user opened a bronze chest and received 25 sigils bringing their total to 50.
  • At 10:11 pm on 3/7, user claimed the 60K personal prize and the 2nd Team Achievement and received 225 more sigils bringing their total to 275.
  • At 10:12 pm on 3/7, user spent 225 sigils on 3 more prizes in Aibrean’s branch bringing their total to 50.
  • At 3:33 am on 3/8, user was credited 700 sigils by Support upon an initial investigation and bringing their total to 750.
  • At 3:34 am on 3/8, user spent 725 sigils on 8 more prizes in Aibrean’s branch bringing their total to 25.

3 - Dragon Training Event Points

What Happened: Players who have been participating in the Dragon Training Event may have noticed a lack of points that were immediately registered to their accounts.

What’s the Latest: Due to high server demand, these points are delayed but tracked. All the points you’ve earned so far will appear on your account within a period of time (this could be anytime within the next 24 hours, but we don’t have a specific timeframe due to server demand).

4 - Stuck at 100% / Unable to Load In

What Happened: A subset of players are currently unable to get in-game and are stuck at 100% on the Loading Screen.

What’s the Latest: We believe this issue has been fixed. Please let us know if this issue is still occurring for you!

Our Gift To You:

An apology gift is rolling out to all players, regardless of those who were affected or not. In this gift, you can expect to receive Food Packs that will aid you in the Dragon Training event, among other items. We apologize for the inconvenience that any of these issues may have caused, especially at the start of a new Season. Thank you to all of those who have reported these issues to us and provided information to help us resolve everything noted above!


Free stuff is awesome, but communication? PRICELESS! Thanks for the update :+1:



What’s the story with the runes? It sounds like none of the applicable runes (chaos and spring renewal) work for aibrean. An update would be great :grin:

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The engineers and associated developers are aware of the issues with Runes as well. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on a fix for those at the moment. When we do, we will update everyone.


Thank you for the clarification and communication on the topic. I’ll still be careful with my spending in the future. :rofl:

Not all issues are fixed. The update has caused significant lags in loading a) the game b) attack screens c) atlas…see the pattern . This hasn’t been resolved. Still happening as we speak.
Not sure I trust the “all affected parties have been fixed” …I seem to remember those exact words about boats once as I was still missing 15k.


I added up all my sigils from points and team prizes. I then added in what I go to from 150 bronze chests and thirty more gold chests and I come in around 1000 sigil season short. So it’s still just so much baloney…

I think you missed the part where you need to contact support if you are missing sigils.

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As much as I appreciate the acknowledgment… why make us work at all to have the review done? No question that it will take time, but perhaps the approach should be that although your support team will investigate those tickets already open, the developers will run a trace to determine who else was affected and corrections will be made, etc. seriously, right now I want to tell everyone on me team to open a ticket even if they’re not sure or don’t think they lost anything… if the answer is that it will take longer and won’t e concluded by the end of the event, then so be it… having everyone open a ticket means you’re tying up even more resources that could be working on other issues…


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If it was something we could easily run a search on and credit, we would. There’s also the fact that this is an ongoing issue so a one-time credit isn’t going to help. I’m not super stoked about assigning my team a very manual task, but right now it’s our best option.

I didn’t miss that part. I reported missing sigils and got standard boilerplate about how there’s nothing missing and it all got put back where it should. So yes I’m upset and disappointed and sad because I saved a bunch of stuff to get token boost early and now I can’t do it…


Thank you, I’ve been trying to get a response for a bit now… I’m sure others with mythic runes that suddenly became useful again feel the same way :sweat_smile: especially spring renewal, seeing how that’s the selling point

How do you get 25 sigils from a gold chest?

Edit: This whole post was confusing.

-The player claimed the 60k personal prize and 2nd team achievement, bringing their total to 275.

-Next, player spent 225 sigils, bringing their total to…625 sigils? Huh? scratches head

-Then the player is given 700 sigils? Uhhh?

Did you read this before posting it? In it’s current state, it really doesn’t shed any light on anything.


I really do understand that this takes time and I’m definitely ready to wait and be supportive. But kindly please don’t keep sending generic responses to my ticket and trying to close it off as solved when it clearly isn’t.

I haven’t touched your ticket.

Do you mean someone on the PX team is doing that? Can you post the ticket number?

Sure, it is #1055070.

Yes, it is getting closed. If someone from another support team is closing it, I do apologize for thinking you guys are doing it. My goal is not to complain, just fighting to get my items back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again if you guys are still looking into it. Let the support team know not to close this before resolving please.

@pgjared. TICket number 1052722. Boilerplate response to my complaint several times. Have tried to explain and they just keep trying to close ticket
. And no I’m not the one that said 25 sigils from gold chests :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Could I also please ask about receiving 10rubies instead of bronze chests ?
There’s a couple threads on it. Not as critical as some of the other issues but would be good to start getting chests again pls!

So looking at your ticket and your logs, this is what I see:

First action on the 7th that involved spending sigils was at 2:37pm. You went from 1400 sigils to 1250 for claiming a season node.
Then at 2:37 (we’re talking a few seconds apart) you went from 1250 to 1100 for claiming a node.
2:38 : 1100 - 950 node
2:38 : 950 - 800 node
2:38 : 800 - 650 node (So this is where you’re at 650, which is the amount you reference in your ticket. Just pointing that out.)
2:38 : 650 - 500 node
2:38 : 500 - 350 node
2:38 : 350 - 100 node
2:49 : 100 - 125
2:49 : 125 - 150
2:49 : 150 - 200
2:49 : 200 - 300
2:49 : 300 - 50 node
2:52 : 50 - 275 (10 chests)
2:52 : 275 - 625 (10 chests)
2:52 : 625 - 850 (Bonus chest)
2:52 : 850 - 975 (10 chests)
2:54 : 975 - 725 node
2:54 : 725 - 475 node
2:54 : 475 - 425 node
2:54 : 425 - 375 node
2:55 : 375 - 325 node
2:56 : 325 - 675 (10 chests)
3:00 : A bunch of attempts to claim nodes fail. We see, however, that those nodes get claimed later and there is zero impact on total sigil amounts.
9:35 : 675 - 900
9:53 : 900 - 925 (1 chest)
9:53 : 925 - 675 node
9:53 : 675 - 425 node
9:53 : 425 - 175 node
9:54 : 175 - 125 (look let’s just say that every time you go down sigils from now on it’s a node unless I say otherwise.)
9:54 : 125 - 75
9:55 : 75 - 25
9:55 : 25 - 400 (10 chests)
9:56 : 400 - 850 (10 chests)
9:56 : 850 - 1075 (Bonus chest)
9:57 : 1075 - 725
9:59 : 725 - 650

At this point we’re well beyond when the rollbacks were fixed. So, it looks like everything adds up. I’m going to check back on this in the morning in case there’s any data it looks like I’ve missed, but at this point I really need to feed my cat and hit the hay.