Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


I have to say that sounds exactly like what I did. I couldn’t say if I lost sigils or not. I thought there was a chance I did but I’m going to go ahead and assume all is good. :grin:


Thank you for your response. At which point was the rollback in this log?
I’m pretty sure the chests that were opened after 9:35 were using gems. Could you check again please whether the chests used before the rollback was fixed were returned? I did not receive them.


All your chest values lined up. There was never a jump (up or down) in chest amounts. That was something I kept an eye on when I did the original audit.

I can’t say when exactly you experienced rollbacks as those are really hard to tell from an engineering standpoint and I’m not an engineer at all, but if I had to guess I’d say it was all those failed node claims.


To explain why rollbacks are hard to check, it’s something like this.

Say you have 100 chests and you open chests in 10 chest increments (and bonus chests don’t exist in this world).
So you start at 100
A sync error occurs
Issue is resolved

From our server standpoint it would generally look like:


Because as soon as the sync issue happened you stopped being connected to the server and your requests didn’t go through, so generally there’s no logs of it.


If you are sure about that, then I’ll take your word for it.
But still, this is a good lesson not to rush at the start of an event. Won’t be doing that any time in the future. :smile:

I sincerely thank you for all the time you spent on these tickets and requests. I fully understand the effort required and I do appreciate it.


@pgjared. Who’s chests claims were those? I’ve tallied my prizes, so perhaps someone could list the sigils from my 150 bronze chests and thirty gold chests plus bonus to my satisfaction. Thank you


It was SchizoGruntle. You should be able to see who was replied to in the upper right corner of a post.


@PGJared can ye take a quick look at my ticket?
#1052922. Haven’t done much since the sigils were lost. Dont mind getting reset to before the event started. Thanks


I honestly don’t think I’ll have time to personally review more tickets until Monday at the earliest. Tomorrow is jam-packed for me.


Ah that’s unfortunate. Can I just straight up get a rollback? Don’t think it’ll affect the game much seeing there’s nothing I can gift to others. I’ll just start from scratch from the start of the event. Much thanks


That’s not something we really offer. You can ask for your ticket to be escalated to have a more senior person look at it, but I just won’t be able to look at it personally.


Seems like an easy solution though. Alright I’ll write it down on the ticket. Thanks for your time.


How comes the 100% egg token bonus hasn’t activated. Claimed it within 1 hour of event starting. which is 34 hrs ago, 10 hrs over the the 24hr activation time. Everyone is loosing out on egg tokens and needs looking at asap and any egg missions done over the 24 hrs need crediting


It is active for myself. I think 24 hours is just a random number to allow the data to get synced to the server. If it isn’t activated, maybe you should create a ticket. I’m pretty sure this is a common issue that they can swiftly solve for you.


Thanks for the insight into the work you guys are putting into these log reviews, it makes it a bit easier to be patient while waiting for tickets to be resolved.


Not to talk out of turn, but we work on a multiplayer game as well. And more often than not, the smallest of updates can have a load of unexpected bugs or issues. It really cannot be helped even if the dev team is super skilled. All they can be is prepared to fix anything that comes up. :rofl::rofl:

As long as they respond to the issues and fix them, they are doing their job well.


Bottom line is its hard to feel good about the quality of the reviews with glaring errors in the reviews like that. In this particular case it looks like either they are long by 200 sigils (if they have not opened their season start gift) or else short by 25 if they have.


I’m certain that in 2m i could easily claim 4 results and redeem 2 prizes. That’s what… 15 clicks?


Its not the clicks, its getting back and forth between the screens. Those things are on 3 different screens - with an intermediate screen required to get between the two dragon lines.


I would look into a better wifi connection if that takes that long for you :thinking:
You can easily claim 4 prizes and click to the season tab and spend some sigils in 1 minute…

As for your math:

The person had 0, then claimed the 225 sigils obviously. Then spent 200 sigils and got 25 left.
The math in the review doesn’t have “glaring errors” as you put it. It’s correct :slight_smile: