Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


That fits in between your 6 hour gap between:
At 2:29 pm on 3/7, user spent 50 sigils on the 2nd prize of Aibrean’s branch bringing their total to 0.
At 8:08pm on 3/7, user spent 200 sigils on 4 awards in the Aibrean branch bringing their total to 25.


It is true that if we assume the 225 free sigil gift was redeemed but not shown in the log that does make the sigil count work out.

However it doesnt clear the issue with the time it would take to claim all of those things, nor does it clear the issue with the extremely unlikely batch of 12 gold chests generating 700 sigils.


Someone getting a lucky drop from some gold chests is an issue to you?
And again: theres also no issue with the timestamps.

Get a better wifi connection and stop being a debby downer with a negative attitude.
They were transparant and posted info on the forum about problems pretty quickly. It’s progress. Stop nagging.


Its not the wifi, its the screens. That’s 3 separate screens for claims with 2 intermediate screens to get to them. This game works the GPU like a 12 mule team. It takes a while for screens to load.


I know they acknowledged the broken runes, but is it just me or does it seem like a low priority for them? Chaos and Spring revival are the two main spells for this seasons hunter… without those runes this dragon is lacking. They have had a year to fix Chaos, still nothing! Am i going to have to wait another year for them to just completely forget about this again?


Again: Maybe for you. What you say can take 4 minutes i can do in less than 30 seconds… The armory takes a while to load, but switching between tabs in the armory takes half a second to load.


Again, I can easily redeem/claim that and more in the given time.
I would suggest that either your phone or wifi is slow.

As for the sigils, have a look here. It’s certainly plausible.
You’d need 2x225 and 2x125. I’m sure that other combinations are available.


I got the same problem, no egg token bonus activated!
Yes I opened a ticket several hrs ago, no answer so far due to traffic.

Any others having that problem as well?


@PGJared (#1057755) my wife account been lock out of game since the roll back


I guess I need to start paying more attention. I have no idea whether I got credited or not, I click a button and it changes to “claimed”. I don’t really keep a running inventory and it’s not that easy.

I will say that I am getting even more connection issues on an 80 Mbps connection that checks out on OOKLA just fine. Wasting XP boosts.


I have gotten that one before and the only solution is to clear cache, and data, and then uninstall / reinstall.


Still having issues. Early in the event, PG decided I had negative sigils. Yes, negative 350 sigils. As I earned sigils, they were taken away until the negative sigil count was satiated. I assure you, i was not running negative, but this PG mess up now has me far behind and representatives are not comprehending my tickets and keep telling me all has been fixed and is correct. Nothing has been corrected yet


I would guess because you’re rude, negative and impatient.
There were thousands of tickets sent to support, it’s not just you who had issues. Let them work through it.
Being a dramaqueen and going “i havent heard back in 2 days” when the season barely just started a day when you posted that isn’t going to help.

Give them time, they will get back to you and resolve things.


I am never rude or impatient…I have sent one ticket and responded to reps that have responded to me. How about you not leap to judgements, TeeBro


You should probably check to see who he’s replying to before leaping to judgments yourself… :grin:


He responded to defend


Event hasn’t been live for 2 days yet and you are throwing a temper tantrum. I assume that is why it was hidden by the community. At least get your facts right when you throw one.


Ooops, you are correct LOL…it looked like it had “reply” designation when I read his post.


@PGJared Can you look into my ticket 1056911. Thank you


This problem still persists. I am getting no chests in the game…so no way to get sigils from bronze chests. It hurts especially during the discount hunter season.