Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


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While I didn’t read through every comment here, I did read the original post. My question is if there is also an issue with the token bonus. Mid is not in effect and I see many others reporting this as well. It has been far more than 24 hours at this point.

Thanks for your time.


Hi all! Please be aware that support will take longer than usual to respond as our ticket queue is still quite high.

I have already passed on the issues people have been having with the token bonus to the team. I will update everyone when I have more information.

NEGATIVE amount of black pearls

Anymore information regarding Spring revival and Chaos runes? This is a major issue. Sure missing sigils are important. But i want to know if i WASTED my sigils more than if a few are missing.


I guess I should know better by now, but I’m feeling like an idiot because I didn’t take a screenshot of my sigil count after every purchase of gold chests and every time I claimed a prize. I was in such a hurry to get to the Egg Token bonus and it would have meant dozens of screen shots, plus detailed notes to go with them. So now I have no idea if I am missing sigils or not. I know that my final prize was rolled back at some point but I don’t know if the sigils were refunded at the same time. I didn’t even realize it was rolled back until almost 24 hrs later when the bonus still hadn’t taken effect. So I missed out on a day of the boost, too. :frowning_face:

But TBH it really ticks me off that it is necessary to go to those lengths (documenting everything with screenshots) every time we open chests or spend sigils. Because this is not the first time this has happened, or even the second. It sucks that we can’t trust PG not to steal our sigils. :frowning:


Did alot of people try to click open too many prizes without giving the sytem time to catch up? I did that once last season, had a rollback, learned my lesson, and now I wait for prizes claimed to resolve before proceeding. No problems since.


Don’t be a suck up. If someone loses 10k rubies to errors, they have the right to be angry. I don’t think those posts were worthy of flagging. I never realised so many snowflakes played a war game.


It’s a sad endictment on a game when you have to screenshot every time you break wind to prove you farted.


No, this is niot a player problem. The update sux and the game isn’t functioning correctly. Where did all these PG apologists come from???


Hey @PGCrisis (I’m not sure who’s closest related to the dev team and engineers) but a few of us think the issue with chaos runes resembles the issue with galv, where the runes are being read at x .10 the percentage they’re supposed to add, which causes an overall addition of something like 3% instead of 300% with stacked runes… idk if this information can be useful to the tech team, but I hope it helps them get it fixed asap


The reason he said that was due to a previous thread. Yes people have a right to be annoyed and want things fixed. That’s fair. BUT the people trying to fix the issue have a right to have time to fix the issue properly. Not rush it and make things worse because people can’t wait. Hell one way to fix this faster is more automatic responses to tickets. We all know how much we want more automatic responses. Those individual requests that require humans to check take time. Give it to them.

They also have a right to not get abused. Mistakes happen. We ALL make mistakes. That doesn’t mean we deserve to get abuse. That’s not being an apologist. That’s being a human being. Hold them accountable sure. But don’t be just nasty.
If they fix the issue then everyone’s happy. Let them fix it RIGHT.


I feel on an attack that deals more than half the hp of a building in damage you would be able to notice even a 5% difference in that damage from a 50% rune buff. I believe its simply too strong and they know it lol ive been waiting for this since Tengu, chaos on a hunter that could counter mages and then a 20%HM base with the % of rune buff to the base buff of the spell which if 75% rune buff of 20% base would be 15% so a total of 35% buff for healing marks because if you can go over 100% hp ull be gaining back more hp than what the dragon started with. The +2 rage on top of that is like a mastered technique of sacrifice and icing on a cake.

of course it could very well be miscommunication over there and will soon be fully explained as well as fixed :man_shrugging:

If anyone could tell me formula so i could check my work i would be extremely grateful.


This wasnt the case when I tested it. I checked the floating dmg numbers during chaos when I had no runes or glyphs equipped, and then equipped a mythic chaos glyph and checked again. They were the exact same, so the glyph is literally doing nothing.


Glad we know it’s fully broken lol, wasn’t sure because obviously 250% increase wouldn’t look much different than a 253% boost :joy: hopefully this thread is insightful and guides them to the root of the problem


So im guessing everything worked when they tested it before it went live( runes):thinking:




From their stream :rofl:


U would be getting 25% if 250% which is noticeable when hp is less than half the damage output…but anyway not trying to argue just trying to be consistent and know whats going on before i drive myself nuts lol


Is this a feature in the setting menu that i must of disabled? I didnt do it that way, which there is more than one way to prove whether or not is functioning as intended or described but fortunately tengu and fae are exact same base stats.


They weren’t being shown on the preview streams :stuck_out_tongue: not not play tested.


I took that literal, don‘t ask me why :man_shrugging:t3: