Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


It is.


The numbers were place fillers lol, saying a 3% difference isn’t visible, but luckily owl remembered an old feature and got empirical data


Lvl 18 boosted Airbrain

Regular shot - 178003 dmg
Chaos shot (no runes or glyphs) - 409177 dmg
Chaos shot (one lvl 1 mythic chaos glyph) - 409177 dmg


Yep, ty, 2.3 so 1.3 which would be i assume chaos base plus special item buff* sry didnt see u mentioned it was boosted.

Imagine another 1.5- 2.0 from chaos runes and battlecry/ warcry


They had a year to fix Chaos. And they should have tested the runes before releasing the dragon. So no, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect them to fix it fast.


Thats why i believe they dont intend to do so…we see how strong it will be, we are seeing the future numbers first hand right now lol


I think you are overestimating this dragon. It’s not much different than Avyx, who is a good dragon, but far from OP.


How much buff does talon frenzy have, chaos already .5 ahead. What about a mastered form of sacrifice where you havr ability to obtain +2 rage bars with up to around 35% dragons hp per mark. And as for flash, i like the fact it slows down dragon and dodges all except beam which to me could have a chance to offset the advantage cloak has with duration and evasion of all threats.

Aib is better in every way to Avyx if runes worked, imo.


Looks like chests are gone. Just lost them on all my accounts…


You think Flash is better than Cloak? How much have you used flash?


Thats tricky wording and no i didnt mean better but i did say “could have a chance” …cloak speeds you up if you havent noticed. Get off your high horse you D1ck.


Sorry I reworded. I was just shocked.


None, so i could agree i am complete noob to it lol but thats why im here asking and sharing so that someone can teach me :slight_smile:


Flash has its uses, but the best bases don’t have many projectile towers… so it’s not as useful as you would think, not nearly as useful as cloak. It is a good spell though. Chaose isn’t THaT much stronger than talon frenzy, and for the extra rage I would pick talon frenzy. Ice resist is more useful than fire flak mainly because there are a lot more ice around. I will admit that healing spell is awesome because of it’s rage component. Enough to make it OP? Don’t think so, I guess we will see.


Flash isn’t just resist projectile though, as far as I understand it also blocks flaks and mage tower shots. And there are quite a lot of those on most bases…


It blocks red mages. And yes it blocks flak damage.


How much is any player capable of buffing talon frenzy?




Easily +100 more just from runes as well as the +50 from the start for Chaos.


Ok… what are yo getting at? Yes of course Chaos is stronger… just like havoc is stronger than chaos. In both cases I prefer the lesser rage option.