Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


Technically u get back +2 bars so is in fact the more efficient route…ok ok just imo. :slight_smile:


Either way we are getting off topic. I get it, you think it is the greatest hunter since Hauset. I disagree. Let’s wait and see.


Up there with NS, Hau, Nec, Frost, etc…top shelf capability in one tactic or another. *Noc, i dont have noc yet so was easy for me to forget, i felt i had to add lol.


Flash dodges the stun from dark flaks, if yours doesn’t… that’s strange


It blocks blue mage shot as well, just like cloak can dodge blue mage shot. I have a vid if you want to line me. YouTube uploads are a pain.


Line me. Grumpybigbird


Clearly I didn’t use Mafic enough either :joy:


I run Mafic daily, want to expert him for my perch


@PGPulse @PGJared is there an ETA for chaos runes which hasn’t been working for over a year?


It’s probably rolling out with same ETA as what will be known as “the great Chaos nerf.” Rune will be “fixed” but the damage increase will be halved or quartered… or drawn and quartered…


Better not be no freaking Nerf…


Ohh I agree it should be a priority. Absolutely. But I do not want them doing a botch job that causes more issues. So I agree and disagree with ya there.

Its frustrating but at the end of the day we want this thing fixed.


Not sure if I missed it, but it seems Spindra’s northern lights is also suffering similar to how healing mark was functioning. It doesn’t seem to be healing as much as it used to…


So a few of us theorize why that is :sweat_smile: basically the heal is based on “max hp” which is dragon hp excluding any buffs… so if you have a rider, or health boosts… the heal will look increasingly smaller


I hope not! It’s a great spell if it gets that buff!


Aibrean‘s runes are bugged. I removed the rider and the hp boost before taking the measurements. The runes didn’t increase the healing rate of spring‘s renewal at all.
However, the amount of restored health relative to the health bar stayed the same no matter if I had a rider or a health boost equipped. Confusing…
I assume Aibrean’s mystic glyph is not working either? Chaos glyphs and runes appear to be broken as well.

Did you find the issues yet? @PGJared
I really hope your team is onto something.
I would like to enjoy the dragon I spend sigils on…

Well, happy bug hunting I guess. Good luck!


We know that none of these runes work, and some spells are set to max dragon xp as opposed to dragon hp, the latter counts boosts and everything… and the previous one just counts dragon base hp at any given level


Thank you for sharing the info. I havent seen data on SRH yet.


Exactly, they might just stall out until the counter is ready…release the fix then the new counter lol

Or better yet, they will change the spells name and release new runes for it that make each of us die a little inside.


Actually in normal commerce, when the supplier stuffs up they have to fix it. In this game , that doesn’t happen. Players are often left hanging with their wallets lighter. If you sell a product, you have an obligation to make sure it works…this is not a case of I spilled my drink and everyone makes mistakes. Players have every right to demand high quality given what we pay and are very entitled to be angry when blatantly ripped off through errors.