Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


Two of my teammates are still getting rubies instead of chests from monuments. They both opened tickets about it on Wednesday and neither has recieved a response yet. They’ve both tried uninstalling, turning the device on and off and then reinstalling and still no chests for either of them.

@PGJared any idea how they can fix this problem or if they need to open new tickets? Neither use the forums, thus the reason Im asking for them.


If they haven’t received a response yet they just need to be patient and we’ll get back to them.


Ohh we have a right to be angry. But they have the right to be treated like human beings. And yes in an ideal world things are fixed instantly or not released with issues.

But being frank that’s not how digital games are. Issues take time to fix. The reality is programming isn’t easy. Trying to fix issues without breaking something else, trying to find the bit of code that isn’t working. Yes they can do better. Yes they should do better. And with the greatest respect I’d rather them fix the issues properly rather than rushing and making it worse.

All I am saying is we have to give them time and we have to remember they are human. Treat them like it. Outside of that absolutely hold them accountable.


I dont think this is a good idea to put here on the thread board…but dies anyone feel that the spring chests are kind of lame? For me it’s giving out things I don’t really need or have too much of…idk that Wintertide season gave better chests…
Also it take a while to level up dragons I mean if you run out of potion and don’t really spend money to by a pack of them it’s it’s challenging…
And the points achievements I mean getting sigils are sooo hard…from 20k to 40k that’s alot of feeding to achieve the sigils…
I’m sorry if I sound like I’m complaining about what’s happening in the spring…i thought I’d be happy about getting sigils and leveling my dragons b it I’m not…


I had the rubies/chests problem. Reinstalled and it works. A cpl other problems were fixed too from it


nowhere is anybody talking about the problem of dragons being weaker (though according to a support response I’m not the only one experiencing it). As the announcement page provided by support was last updated 9/2017, how do I find out whether this worked upon? any clarification would be wonderful :slight_smile:
@PGJared (ticket number in case you need it #1056082)


You can insult me all you like but that doesn’t make me take your views very seriously. Literally all I’m saying is treat people like humans. If that’s wrong to you I don’t know what to say.

I have said multiple times hold them accountable. That’s not me defending or apologising. I’m just saying do it in the right way. Without being vindictive or nasty. Once again if that’s wrong to you then we really don’t have much to talk about.

I’ve not defended them or their mistakes once. I am just bored of seeing people getting vicious and throwing personal attacks around because a video game has some downtime or has some glitches.

So to make my point one last time.
I am NOT defending their mistakes.

I am NOT against people voicing concerns or highlighting issues.

I AM against personal attacks and just downright vindictive posts.

I AM FOR giving developers time to patch things effectively.

I AM FOR holding the developers accountable.

If that makes me an apologist or brownnose or whatever pointless label you give to people who disagree with you then so be it.


There is a thread where people are talking about dragons feeling weaker. We are looking into the spells that people have mentioned so far.


You have to clear data and cache PRIOR to uninstall and reinstall


yes and there’s no reaction from pg in there (at least not in this thread). maybe I missed another thread, but I was asking for an official statement.


Any update on when Aibreans runes will work?


It is being looked at by the team, but I don’t have any concrete information right now.


You forgot to press your " look official" button :joy:


I get if chaos doesn’t work immediately because the team may have forgotten about it, but spring renewal is a brand new spell with brand new runes. Did no one think to test it before release?


What level airborne are you running? Mines only level 8, but his spells work.


They’re talking about runes for said spells not working


It appears the issue with Spring renewal are not the runes, it is its base healing amount. looks like it is set at 10% instead of 20%.

that should be an easier fix i hope? do we have an ETA on this?


Regarding Aibrean’s runes:

I forgot to offset the 21% health bonus from the research tree. With this in mind, I redid my calculations:


  • Full health bar during combat: 6.4 cm
  • Health regen through spring‘s renewal: 1.4 cm


  1. 121% health at 6.4 cm
  2. 100% health at (100/1.21)*6.4 cm = 5.2896 cm
  3. Actual amount of heal: Qoutient of 1.4 cm and 5.2896 cm is approximately 0.265

=> so the actual heal per cast is about 26.5%, not so far off from the promised 27.5%(20*1.375) if you have both runes equipped.

Though the chaos runes/glyphs still don’t work.


I’m getting .22 from research, but get pretty close to your numbers as well.


Why .375? The three runes are 40% 25% and 12.5% (77.5%). 77.5% of 20% is and addition 15.5% of healing. So 15.5% plus the 20% base is 35.5%…

What am I getting wrong?

I’m not calculating research at all…

EDIT: i see that’s my issue. % given back is based on a health that is 21% lower than it actually is resulting in a much lower result… my bad.

Even still it doesn’t seem to be giving 26% back…