Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


I don’t have the mystic glyph yet. That’s why I’m only getting the 37.5% heal bonus.

I assume that max hp is the amount of health without any modifiers. So bonuses from the research tree shouldn’t be factored in as well.

Is that right? @PGJared


I did my calculations based on the measurements I took. I had to remove the excess hp I gained from my research. That’s why I did (100/1.21)*6.4 cm = 5.2896 cm. And the 1.4 cm worth of heal is approximately 26.5% of 5.2896 cm (the max health without research and boosts/riders).


Yes, it uses base HP and not modified HP.


I was looking for that topic few days ago and couldnt find it, so I thought I was the only one with the issue


for some reason my girlfriend doesn’t agree :man_shrugging:


Those numbers look generous to me


Why design a spell based on base HP? Seems misleading…


Do you mind taken a look at all my messages and respond to them?
Very disappointed with how you guys handle issues
I’m also affected by Sigils but was the point in sending messages about anything if I don’t get a response


Is this about the Springveil issues listed above? Otherwise it’s off-topic.

I don’t see a message from you. Was it a ticket? If so, what’s the ticket number?


.22 also, guess bc its off the overall amount and not base amount…which is kinda dumb or just shady. At least they communicating and giving us answers like PGJ though…


I guess him telling us that they did indeed mislead us is better than nothing… I guess


Is this the only spell based on base HP?
I was under the impression that all healing skills work based on base HP.


Aibrean Rune Setup?<--link

HM and SRH deserve its own thread but its on a roll already…


You could be right. I only ever paid attention to this one and HM. I always used Amoeba which said HM was 10% (apparently it’s 18%) plus I kinda forgot about the 20% HM research so I just never noticed as much.

Regardless the spell description given to us by PG simply says heal for 20% health. This game gives us ways to increase its health with riders, boosts and research (things which cost us time and money). Those things should NOT be secondary IMO.


Damn i totally forgot about that research

Although what is another 20% added to 264% lol only 1/13 but its somethin.


All healing minus vampiric use base hp


How do u send a ticket plz ?



I’ve been not getting the correct amount or being over charged for prizes. I’m not happy this is happening. Please fix issue. I was noticing there not adding up correctly which is ending up in a odd # in my reward amounts like 115 or 190 …ect …thanks


I never would have guessed “adult”

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