Developer Update: Springveil Season Launch Issues


I completely agree there, cleaning up the shitshow is part of the solution or should be. Runes in general are very broken, not just the dragon ones.


Fact actually, frenzy runes are intentionally broken because an archer shooting extremely fast can match the damage output of a dark flak. Of course we can’t let free towers be relevant


Not just the frenzy runes, I think the inherent “speed” of all towers are off.

@Enigma you might want to make a whole thread on this as it seems like a huge issue although technically a bit off topic.


How do u know this?


Tech savvy friends, and the fact that we can visually see a difference if they were working… I personally have mythic runes for fire turret frenzy, and it still charges really slowly, I understand balance needs to be kept, but a mythic doing nothing really sucks