Developer Updates to Tower Balance Changes

Hi everyone,

Some of the developer updates I’ve been providing since 4.0 released are getting buried in the now-largest thread on the Forums, so I’ll be posting all updates here in one thread so you have an opportunity to read them in a row. The intent here is to show you exactly what we plan on doing to amend the changes we implemented into the game while still offering an open conversation on the announcement thread.

I’ll be sure to post updates both within the thread and on this developer update thread so you have the highest visibility possible throughout this process.


I’ll also post the response and developer updates below for ease of reading!



Hi everyone,

Many of us at PG are reviewing your comments written here. It is clear that the rebalancing of towers was not to your collective liking. There are some things I’d like to talk about here.

I know you’re expecting a response, and you’re right, you deserve one. The response I can provide will be one that I hope continues this conversation in a constructive manner. I can’t promise a change to these balance updates, nor can I really quell the anger you are expressing here. Honestly, I’m not trying to. If you are upset, you have every right to express that. I want my first response here to be an apology.

I know it doesn’t hold much weight, since I can’t single-handedly alter the game, but I apologize for what this has done to your perception and enjoyment of playing it.

I’m sorry these changes have impacted you as deeply as they have.

Here are some things that I will be doing for you following this update:

  • I will be having extensive conversations with our development team regarding the decisions behind rebalancing the towers to the way they are now.
  • I will be asking our PX team what we can do in-game to apologize for such a drastic change. PX nor I can alter the balance of the towers, but we can at least offer a gift to start. It’s not meant to be the end of the conversation, but rather a token that we are continuing to listen to the feedback provided here.
  • I will be talking with our product team about the opportunity to NDA players in our community and get them onboard with pre-release playtesting.
  • I will continue to monitor this thread and review player behavior on the backend with our team to understand the widespread effects.

I’m here to be an advocate for you, the player. I am here to provide your feedback to our team and I will do my best to make sure your voice is always heard. I am not the person or group of people that makes decisions on the inner workings of the game, but I can be sure to put your comments at the forefront when the team convenes to discuss the impact of their changes.

I encourage you to continue this conversation as we continue to monitor your responses. I apologize again for how deeply this change has impacted your play experience. I hope my actions, and those of the team, will provide a fun and fair experience for all players moving forward.

Much love. :heart:


Hi everyone,

I’d like to chime in on this thread again to provide an update from our development team. While we are truly looking through all comments and overall feedback on these balance changes, we know these words carry little weight unless you can see actionable results. In an effort to provide transparency into what’s going on from our end, we want to present some of the latest information we have from the team:

  • As many of you noticed, the balance changes did not immediately go into effect as intended when the update went live yesterday. We identified an incorrect value that was still occurring in the game and causing this issue. This mistake was corrected around 10am PT this morning, but due to this delay, we were unable to start gathering player data before the time it was fixed. We’ve got a good chunk of hours under our belt by now with the updated balance changes in effect, but we believe it is irresponsible to act on such a small amount of time and data. We want our actions to be methodical as we are incredibly sensitive to the current player sentiment, and want to evaluate all possible routes before making a final decision.

  • Now that the update is functioning as intended, we’re looking into Win Rate data across all player levels and player behavior patterns. We’re determining the total amount of impact based on the collective strength of dragons versus the ending base power, both defended and undefended. The percentage of each base destroyed is also a useful indication of over adjustments in certain situations, as well. Our design, analytics, and product teams will be meeting within the next 48 hours to discuss initial results of this data and initial feedback from our players. Our LiveOps team will be monitoring these numbers in real time, checking in every hour during the day to get full reports.

  • We’ll be creating a plan within the coming business days that will take all information, data, and feedback into account and discuss the best method of action moving forward. If we find the data to be significantly skewed, we will release an update to the game that alters tower balancing as soon as possible.

Aside from Win Rate data and hard numbers, the effort you’ve put into building powerful bases is one of the most important factors we are taking into consideration. Your hard work and commitment to your base is something we take seriously, and is a driving factor for the action items noted above. The balance changes that went into effect yesterday impacted the perceived usefulness of certain tower types to which players have devoted significant resources, and it’s our sincere goal to simultaneously improve overall game balance while still honoring the value of those investments. It wasn’t our intent, but it certainly became the impact. We are doing everything we can to review the changes that went into effect based on this variety of factors.

For any of you who caught our stream on Twitch today, I want to reiterate my apology to the community for how this has affected you, your play style, your base, and your teammates. We will continue to update this thread with actionable results as much as possible in the coming days while we evaluate player data. Our team will do everything in their power to make these balance changes as fun and fair as possible to all players!



Hi everyone,

We’ve got another update on the ongoing status of our process to re-evaluate the balance changes that went into effect on Tuesday morning.

We’ve had multiple meetings today to review our original intent with this balance update within the context of the Flak towers’ power, Win Rates, total base power, and percentage of bases destroyed. While our plan was to originally nerf the Dark Flak tower slightly to share viability with other attack towers, we inadequately weighed the existing customer investment in these towers when considering the appropriate balance.

In consideration of player feedback as well as our monitoring of game data, the Dragons development team will be readjusting the parameters of Dark Flak, Fire Flak and Fire Turret towers with the following goals:

  1. Restore standard and Supershot damage to the values they had before the recent release, up to the tower level where the previous standard shot 1 million damage cap was in place. (Dark Flak: 42, Fire Flak: 45, Fire Turret: 46)
  2. Allow standard shot damage to continue to scale gracefully for those towers from the 1 million damage level all the way up to tower level 60.
  3. For the same tower levels receiving the increased standard shot damage beyond 1 million, we’ll raise Supershot levels from current numbers back to a bit less than their pre-release values (in consideration of their increased standard damage).

User sentiment and player feedback has been a consistent point of conversation throughout all of the meetings held today. The change in player experience will continue to be a deciding element as we determine our re-update rollout. Our developers literally said, “Player sentiment is the most important factor” while I was in one of these meetings with them. We are highly concerned about conserving player satisfaction and reverting our numbers to uphold this value.

While our original intent was to dutifully find a way to cross the 1 million damage cap after the bug was fixed, we are thoroughly aware of our over-adjustments and will do what we can to amend the overall balance of the game. We are hoping to push this update live within the coming days so the changes noted above are in place.

I’ll be sure to provide another update once more action is taken.



Hi everyone!

The update posted above will be going into effect within an hour. Our team created some new graphs to illustrate the changes we’ll be making, which are:

  1. We’re restoring the standard and Supershot damage to the values they had been before the recent release, up to the tower level where the previous standard shot 1 million damage cap was in place. (Dark Flak: 42, Fire Flak: 45, Fire Turret: 46)
  2. We’ll allow standard shot damage to continue to scale gracefully for those towers from the 1 million damage level all the way up to tower level 60.
  3. For the same tower levels receiving the increased standard shot damage beyond 1 million, we’re raising Supershot levels from current numbers back to a bit less than their pre-release values (in consideration of their increased standard damage).

Dark Flak

Fire Flak

Fire Turret

Some folks have also been asking about tweaks being made to Cannon and Archer towers during the past few days. We have verified with multiple devs internally that neither of these towers have been tweaked at this time. The values have remained unchanged in 4.0 from prior versions. If you believe you’re seeing discrepancies with your Cannon and Archer towers, please reach out to our Support team for troubleshooting.

It’s been a long week, and we thank you for your patience as our teams get this update out to you all today! Moving forward, there will be plenty of internal conversations on managing updates, as well as opportunities to involve our player base more ahead of changes. We know how important it is to everyone that we increase our transparency with the community, and Arelyna and I will do our best to provide you with information as things happen in-game.

Thanks again for your timely feedback and suggestions. We want this community to be as vibrant as it can be, and we appreciate the constructive comments in this thread and others.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Crisis and Arelyna