Development Update: November 2019 Official Discussion Thread

I think that’s more or less how it works, except you’ll have to bring a much bigger ballista to get 15 levels on a dark flak.

The other variant is straight up type changing:

Ballista 85 => Dark Flak 60
Ballista 85 => Archer 83


This is what I mean. If you’re viewing from a PC you can just use ctrl-F to search, or the search bar at the top of the screen has the same “Search this topic” checkbox.

Now you know.

Thanks, guess im defensive cause i realize how simple it is, yet i found a way to be completely ignorant on it…so maybe i felt dumb af lol anyway no hard feelings, i honestly was mainly worked up at my 1st war run attempt crashing, and 2nd attempt foiled due to C2D glitch, by this point i was mad enough to where my 3rd failed attempt was simply poor flying and completely my fault. Which idk how to even explain the level of frustration i had reached at this point, only to find out im too stupid to know how to search a topic lol

Anyway thank you.

This person is 1000 % correct!
Learn from your mistakes or start a new account!
This change is only good on paper and in imagination land
It is going to ruin the game if implemented!!

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While it is finally nice to see some new content coming out for year of the player rather than rectifications of errors introduced by pg. Will this be property tested so only minor errors be present?

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To answer your question visually:

The scenario of donating a smaller tower to big another works but as the recipient tower level increases, the more lower level towers or higher level individual donor towers are required to achieve an increase in level.

You can play around for yourself on this, if interested:


This might be the dumbest thing posted on the forums all year. They should give you a special badge for that.

Fortunately your post history shows you’re amazingly unqualified to predict what will ruin the game. So I guess you ranting means they must be doing something right.


unless you need embers but you have timers and lumber…so you build legacy towers to then merge them into flaks :smiley:

Not sure if this is a thing that really happens…

But even then, the transformation is not affecting fort, makes zero difference if you do your transforming during fort or after.


Love the changes.
But is it planned somehow that u can change the perches in any way, too? It would be nice to experiment with the layout of bases completely.
Now the choice of your perch limits u to stay in the same layout.
And I don’t mean upgrading perches like towers just swap them @PGReive

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I think they have left out perches as they are, so no.

Agreed, these changes are a very gratifying surprise. Checking in quite often just to see if there is an announcement made when this goes live.

What about our perch??? Will we be able to merge perch with another perch??

No this has been answered several times already.

Thx didnt wanted to go trew all the reading xD

That’s sort of how this thread got so long in the first place :joy:


@PGReive y’all said the feature would come in November. Do you have an idea of what exact day it’ll be released?

this is probably my second favorite update of 2019

So if you reread the rest of that post, you’ll see that you will be able to merge multiple towers in a single transaction. The example PGReive gave is of merging three towers together - a level 42 and two level 32 fire turrets.
The value of the target tower is calculated (the level 42). This is A.
The values of the towers (the two level 32 towers, B and C) you are merging into the first tower are summed.
The sum of B and C is multiplied by 0.95 (because it’s not a perfect conversion). This is D.
A and D are added together to get a level 55 fire turret.

So you’re always going to have “A” - this is your target tower.
And you’re always going to have “D” - this is the sum of all the towers you’re merging into the target, multiplied by 0.95.
You could have “B,” and merge one tower into the original (making D=0.95 * B), or you could have B and C (where D=0.95*(B+C)), or B, C, X, Y, Z, or however many towers you want…all of which have their values summed, then multiplied by 0.95 to get D.

But…he(?) literally wrote out the math for it. I’m not sure how you get “implied” when a PG employee literally wrote it out like that in their example.

You asked if we would be able to merge multiple towers in a single transaction. The answer is yes, we will. In the example PGReive gave, multiple towers were merged in a single transaction.

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When can I expect that badge?