Device not compatible... You must be kidding me..m



You gotta be kidding me… With latest update I got 'your device is not compatible with the game’s tried uninstalling, can’t reinstall… Contacted support… This is what they send me…

this is what I got from my ticket. 2,5 years down the drain cause they can’t get their programming right? I have a Oneplus6. It is merely 7 months old


Ticket is 1510289 btw…


I’ve been writing to support all day and they don’t answer… some tickets were opened over 12 hours ago and still no reply…


Well at least I am not alone…:laughing::laughing::laughing:


sometimes searching the web can bear fruit quite quickly. I do not believe that PG’s at fault this time, @RenegadeGeezus, as this “device not compatible” issue is quite common with OnePlus 6 devices.

Have you tried clearing the cache of google play store?


Around 15 times. 2 of that recovery resets with clearing all cache on the phone… Considering a factory reset by now…


And obviously the same amount of restarts


Have you tried updating the device and apps?

You might consider a factory reset.

You can technically load the game manually too, but I’m sure that won’t be supported and will be a pain to update each time a new update comes out. But if you are really stuck with no other way, manually loading may be your only choice short of a new device.

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