Device rebooting since since last WD update

I have heard others are having this issue as well.

If I am defending it become difficult to move around the map. Shortly after this starts the device reboots. For me it is on the iPad. I have also seen in chat the keyboard does not appear but an empty space in it’s place, though touching the area does show the keyboard is still there. Again, device reboots soon afterwards.

It is most certainly annoying and it the device restart does not occur with other applications. Just WD.
Yes, I submitted a ticket. @Arelyna

My 12.5 Ipad Pro was experiencing this same issue.

Was? It has corrected itself?

I have deleted the game from both devices, restarted them and downloaded the game again. Hoping that will fix it.

‘Was’ correct. After the restart it seemed to correct itself.

But the thing that has been a odd has been the randomness in energy count, prizes notifications, gold counts (in Atlas). Seems everything is mis-counting or displaying incorrect quantities.

After a restart of the app, it seems to correct itself, but then goes back to the same scenario above.

I have only been in atlas for a couple weeks so not sure what I may be missing.

CS assumed it was due to some latency issue in Atlas, though my problem has been outside of atlas and it has happened again after they told me they thought it was resolved.

It is really annoying, Hope it gets fixed fast.

This is still going on. PG finally reply with an idea to attempt to fix it. It took 6 days for them to get to this point. Their normal remove game and reinstall is what they suggested.

Sadly CS did not read the ticket history before that reply to see I had already did that and it did not help. It seems that is their only tool.

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