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Since the beginning of War dragons, i have tried to get the most out of the Game without spending much / anything. So all i tell you know is based on just spending 50€ a year for an elite account, but nothing else. With this „strategy“ I have managed to climb further to the top of both two teams i have been in since i started playing.

This guide contains my point of view only, which is based on mostly 1 year of WD, now being level 114. For me, the most important part of the game is progress (and fun ofc), so my goal is to get new Dragons (starting Sapphire Tier next week) fast and cheap and level up as fast as possible. This is always correlated with the Seasons / Events that change regularly.

What are the important parts of my strategy?

  1. Activity
  2. A good Team
  3. Rubies
  4. Chests
  5. Season “Bonus Weeks”

Being active to reach the goals, I set for myself should be obvious. This also consists of timing the event starts of Fort. and Training events, which is around 11pm here in Europe / Germany. This also means to reach at least the 200 / 250 Sigil-Reward in every event.

A Good team is important to get the bonus Sigils at the end of every event, but also to have someone who might be able to support you with resources needed in the events.

Needless to say, those two points are nothing odd. So lets talk about the more important aspects of my strategy:
During one Season (being around lvl 100) it is possible to get around 50-60k rubies. Those have to be spend ONLY in chests. Which chest that is, depends on PG and their “End-Season-Chests”. Expect from last Season, those chests always were something special (better Gold chests, without trash e.g.) and worth more than the usual 10 Gold chests for 4k Rubies. So if PG will add another Sigil-Chest, that costs more than 1 Gold chest and contains an average of 800-1000 Sigils per 10 Chests, I will most likely not spend my Rubies on those, but on Gold chests instead. The exact timing is important and will be discussed later.

As already mentioned, I like Gold chests. Besides those, there are also bronze and silver chests, with silver chests only useful when special Chests are announced and you get your silver counter to 29 / 30, to get the 31th bonus chest much cheaper. All the bronze chests I get are NOT opened, until the right moment comes. So this is more or less the same with my rubies. I thought about not opening my gold chests gotten from season rewards either, but with all the events and points needed to be reached, I thought about opening all those chests for Timers, resources and stuff.

Now coming to the most important aspect that is “more or less” also mentioned in one of Red’s guides talking about when and how to spend your sigils on. There are two options, I think.

  1. You need a strong Dragon
  2. You want to get the most our of your sigils and don’t need another Dragon
    In my opinion Kinnarus, Necryx (as Support) and 1-2 other event Dragons + 1-2 legendary Platinum Dragons are enough for me to break most defenses. If you do not have the feeling you can get there, you should focus your Sigils on the strongest Dragon that is available during one Season. That means, waiting until all are revealed.
    But that is not what I do. As already mentioned, my goal is to get the most out of the Sigils I get within this one Season. If I am lucky and get another strong Dragon as well, that is nice, but not my primary goal. All I tell you now is based on the expectation PG does not change their habit:
    Every time a new Season starts, the 1st and 2nd week “features” a “5th” dragon, who’s branch comes 50% off the price. (With this season having another 2 “off weeks” on other branches). Having more than 1k bronze Chests, 50-60k Rubies and 2 more events within those first two weeks, this is the most important time to spend all I have saved during the last season and all I get within those two weeks. This will get me to the platinum Stone of this Dragons branch, having the most efficient / valuable part still ahead (sapphire – emerald), where I will spend the Sigils I get in the following weeks of the season.

I like playing with facts and figures, planning my breeding, buildings, event-points and stuff. All of this is written down in my “personal” spreadsheet to track my achievements.
I hope all what I wrote is more or less clear / reasonable.

TL;DR: Save all you get and spend it within the first two weeks of every Season and progress quickly, without spending money on WD!

Adding: My Google Spreadsheet ( just FYI

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