Diamond 1 League Bug

I’m not sure anyone is aware of this yet but all of Diamond 1 has seemingly been placed in various Bronze 2 Leagues… @Arelyna Can you please look into this?


Nope not only D1 all been affected

Already a thread

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Also, i posted first :slight_smile:

Nope, other is 1 minute before your OP.

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Nope 2 mins later :woman_shrugging:t3:

Well it shows me differently… regardless he’s my team mate lol… @moderators close this useless thread @Kardul <3

Sapphire team here in bronze 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

same problem here

We are rank 100 and have to war our way back to S1 apparently

I’m sure it’ll be fixed… in due time…

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Y’all iOS or Android? Country? As I’m unable to log in Central USA iOS, but y’all able to but bad leagues… something seems different.

Also, can’t declare war…

And we have made it to Gold 2 now…

Restarted game we are now in Platinum​:joy::rofl:


Damn Cam stop stealing all the attention I get!

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We’re working on it!

Was wondering what was going on with this. Because there is a D1 team in P1

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Furry sandbaggers. I think the canonical answer is declare on them and lose. this will force them up. :rofl:

edit: anyway, you should definitely declare on them. What could go wrong?

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I kinda like it being spread out :laughing:

Honestly this is just hilarious. Around and around the league wheel goes, where it stops nobody knows but everyone will be pissed.