Diamond 1 Team Looking to Build a Super Team


As some may have noticed, there is some serious shuffling that has gone on in high level Diamond. We have lost some great players to the likes of several top 5 diamond teams (you know who) that are creating some super teams of sort. It feels like us mid and lower diamond teams are all getting weakened which is a bit frustrating. Our team would like to make a bold move to look at a merge of high level players to our mid-level Diamond team to create a super team we can all be proud of. I truly believe combining of top players from another high level team or perhaps several teams would benefit all in creating another high level team. If anyone is interested in discussing, please provide me contact details here or you can contact me on Line (bri49er80).

Thank you,


So to be clear, you just want the “top players” for any team you can get your hands on and leave all the players you deem “unworthy” behind for the greater chance at being top 5?


Only the highest lvls :)))


I’m thinking you just made a whole bunch of new friends up in Diamond, Brian. Have fun with that!


What level are you out of curiosity?


Level is 208.


Not exactly the case and details I prefer not to list on the forums. I am just saying that some teams working together may actually help balance out Diamond a bit opposed to many teams that seem to just farm players for when a couple teams have space.


Any by the way…this is my mini…:wink:


Makes sense lol


Truth is this game is expanding too fast for there to be enough players to properly fill diamond. If you want to bring balance to D1, complain to PG about them adding towers and tiers so fast. The issue is lack of high level players, and that is because it’s too hard to catch up / keep up. Until they slow down, the gap between the top 5 and the rest of diamond will be huge.


It’s also bc a ton of our high level elder players quit and walked away from this trainwreck lol


Problems are clearly there and the advance,ent is indeed way to fast. The gap has widened and continues to get worse.


The gap may have gotten bigger. but look at the bigger picture. who spent thousands of dollars in a game and who are the real losers.


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