Diamond team accepting applications

** JDMSociety**

Is currently needing to fill a few spots for players who are ready to retire from game. We have 8 spots due to open. With 2 spots opening when your application gets here.

All applications will be considered.

Looking for players with a minimum level of 600.

However lower level indaviduals may be accepted if close and or a serious player. Level is not the only discriminating factor to consider. And I am willing to work with strong individuals foremost.

We are looking for members to apply. And give us your sales pitch. Message officer BeatifulPython about joining. She will work with you and can also answer any questions you may have about our team before applying.


Language: English must be spoken even if not your preferred language. We do have other languages spoken such as turkish. Portugese and Italian. However team mails go out in English and knowone is going to have enough time to translate everything for you. So you need to be able to read them in English or translate yourself to work with us. Your age doesn’t mater. Your race nor gender matters. The only thing we care about is playing together as a team. And being a strong team.
With everyone organized. Everyone has back access. And we have no problem helping eachother. But we do not want lazy slackers looking for a free ride. You get what you give. Knowone’s needy here now so that’s not going to change any time soon.

We have been a strong team. Very happy and united team for many years we’ve been here playing together. You couldn’t find a better team actually.

There are a few rules & requirements.

Must be active several times daily.
Must be avtive in both regular and Atlas events.
You must have 500k troops minimum. But not required before joining if you know you can get those trained with in the week. It’s not hard to do. If you need a little more time just ask. I don’t mind working with you as long as your showing progress.
No glory swapping if we’re under attack. Be smart about your game.
Communicate with us what you’re doing. Ask questions if you don’t undersand. Remember there is no such thing as a team of one, so it’s important that we’re communicating. We are all in this together. I win if you do. And vise versa.
I have been playing War Dragons for 7 years so i can give you a lot of tips that would make your game easier. Yet at the same time i know that i don’t know everything. You may have insight for me. Let’s help eachother. Let’s do this as a team. Please contact me when you’re ready to come home. We are waiting for you.

I’ll bite

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